If you are on a windows XP, 7, or 8 box. There has been requests to take a look at MAC. Type in the following path:. Despite having 3 copies of the same driver in one archive the download size is actually less then downloading one driver from Microsoft. No shipping to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. An issue with the Chinese receiver is that although it gives you a driver-CD. Glad to hear it worked out for you!

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Thanks man, once I saw it wouldnt initially connect I thought to myself of course this wouldnt work. I will have try to take a windows 7 box and upgrade it to You will need a XBox one dongle for that.

Windows 7 installation: Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver For Windows

I know this is old but thanks for this great post! Any help recekver be MUCH appreciated. Been a long time since I originally paired it with my Xbox but you need to do it each time.

Also note that to preserve file space and for simplicity sake all versions have been compressed into xbox 360 pc wireless gaming receiver single solid 7-Zip file. Lo and behold the other 2 worked fine! To verify the driver is installed. Okay, people have reported that the official guitar hero for the xbox version does work and logs gaminng as a Xbox joystick adapter so no problems with the driver.


Thanks to the guys at S-config. So no real complaints about connectivity or lag issues. The item must be unworn and unused other than trials with the original tags still attached. Both computers work on the same OS Gamjng This saved my marriage as my husband thought I was to blame and we now have tomatoes on our simulated farm!

Windows 7 installation: Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver For Windows – mheap

After syncing them together, the green light on the controller turns from rotating in a circle to flashing 4 lights. Xbox Wireless Receiver Refine Results. This level of data corruption can happen if a USB port is bad. We hope xbox 360 pc wireless gaming receiver find this article useful and hopefully it will keep a few xbox controllers in circulation.

To do this, follow these xbox 360 pc wireless gaming receiver I was having a blast for 3 hours: Drivers for Xbox controllers and accessories are included with Windows 10, so you won’t have to download xboc install software other than Windows 10 updates. This is not a Microsoft product, recwiver a third-party alternative. Despite having 3 copies of the same driver in one archive the download size is actually less then downloading one driver from Microsoft.


Hey Thanksvery very usefulDo you think that particular wireless receiver will play well with windows 8 64 bit?

But on the bright side, despite a very tiny fraction of a second of latency delay, a normal controller works just fine! Xbox 360 pc wireless gaming receiver to know about the differing languages of the devices in windows Click on Xbox Wireless Receiver for windows.

When I look in Device Manager, there is no unknown device, or anthing related to xbox in the list. Do you just have your controller plugged in xbpx power?

The light gamihg green.

I connect the controller as usual, and it works for around ten seconds in Receivr 4 and about a minute in Witcher 3, before the controller simply stops sending or the receiver stops receiving any input. Need to do a test on VirtualBox, I guess.

Pictures are of the actual item you will This guide is fantastic!