Mommy comes in and promises not to bring leftovers home anymore and asks where Eun Sang is working tomorrow? Thank you Ockoala for recapping. Rel October 10, at 3: Daemul October 12, at 2: I think I remember the joke about Hogwarts. Follow Scattered Joonni on WordPress. Theirs was clearly not a warm relationship, but she still feels slighted, and she points out that she did raise him for ten years. I thought Chan Young was from poverty?

You keep getting stuck recapping the episodes with Surfer Dude, don’t you? But upon hearing the message, Eun-sang decides not to return the call, figuring their connection is at an end. I think they went out of the box with the surf theme. She said she was mad and that she had not forgiven him, but it was obvious that the outing they had had the day before had melted her anger some , and I think Tan knew it as well. When ES’s sister asked what he was writing, he said homework. Needless to say I rewound that a few times. Koala for this recap, I am dying from what Goddess of Fire has been delivering but now I can say that this will revive me! She turns away, which is when he looks over and spots her.

Tan drove Eun-sang home but no one was there. Also, ES works many jobs, and we get the feeling that CY doesn’t work, and yet he gets to go to the US for a language program, AND he has enough money to lend to ES when she is in trouble and he tells her that she is not in a hurry to pay him back, so money is not an issue for him, apparently.

Which leads to him not epusode his assignment in whatever that assignment might be. I honestly don’t understand why they always hire Americans who have absolutely zero acting ability.


The character is written with purposely layered personality traits and family circumstances so that she can be slipped into Empire High later and be the catalyst for whatever narrative moments Kim Eun Sook episodw up her sleeve.

As a guy I am not a fan of romance in general and I usually end up fast forwarding past romance-related scenes because they bore me thf death with their super slow build up and OTT drama, a very common flaw in romance subplots.

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Evadiva October 9, at 8: I have no idea where you get that from. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Could she have some issues in real life in that department? Holy terrible dialogue coach batman! Is manager Yoon not somewhat rich?

Her mother is working as a housemaid she cooks in the Kim household and is mute so uses a notebook to communicate. I suppose it makes sense—why be a creative when you can own the creatives as some CEO or another? I’ll have to look up the scene again because I have forgotten the context of it, but I remember thinking how witty it was at the time. Ivoire October 20, at 4: This was probably the evil sister’s favorite food so mom made it and had Eun Sang take it to the sister, along with the money.

I found the drama awkward and disjointed, like one of those aberrations from a cloning experiment gone wrong.

Then there’s the vomiting sunbae taking pills. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Just an observation, not fangirling for LJS although I like him. Like Koala said, he is a bastard right off the bat.

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Aw, is hhe too much ego for one family? I’ll let the more knowledgeable answer your questions, but I just wanted to spazz with you a bit haha. He didn’t yell, he didn’t put her down per sehe just pointed out that she was stooping low which she washeri that he thought better of her than the way she was acting now. Young Do is the typical Rich arrogant guy who likes to bully others and exert his power!


He didn’t act super in Faith but he still acts well, it seems he tge like the role much. So why does Rachel oppose the marriage saying that it means Kim Tan will be her brother-in-law when she wants to marry him instead.

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To be honest since this is highly anticipated, I am not going to expect something in case I will get disappointed. I don’t see the flaws in LMH’s acting that keep getting pointed out above. Oh my god, the makeup artist could t even go with a peachy nude pink but a fuschia pink???

It just looks not good on him.

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wpisode It’s a relief to read what I’ve been thinking, too. She can be ruthless, but for some reason her actions never spell out as petty to me. This must mean you are well! Tan is supposed to appear uncaring and disinterested in everything at this stage in his life, so if LMH’s character came off that way to you, he’s probably doing a good job lol. She points out that it was better than the alternative, with him hiding his affair outside of the house.

This is no Gu Jun Pyo.