Chloe Armstrong portrayed by Elyse Levesque is the year-old daughter of a US Senator , whose character is tested “after her father’s tragic death and the dire circumstances of being trapped on a spaceship”. Outnumbered, Netan had his two newly-arrived ha’tak destroy his crippled one rather than have it available for rescue efforts and then they left the scene through hyperspace. McCormack 1 episode, While Young and Scott are reluctant to allow it, they do as they desperately need the help and Varro has a point. SG-1 had beamed aboard Ba’al’s ha’tak and was tagging all of the Stargates and DHDs with locator beacons so that the Odyssey could beam them away. Bounty Hunter Odai Ventrell. After arriving on Destiny , she was selected by Rush to go to a desert planet to find lime deposits which they needed to use to repair the ship’s life-support system.

Because Franklin was holding the dialing remote, Curtis and Palmer are stranded on the other side. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Caine is not seen dying on the planet or on Destiny , so his fate is unknown. Wray briefly took command of Destiny in the episode “Justice” when Colonel Young was suspected of murdering Sergeant Spencer. Alan Armstrong 3 episodes, New Mexico unit 1 episode, Ian Gledhill

Rush is greatly obsessed with completing Destiny’s mission and won’t let anyone stop him. Just after spotting the first sprout, Franklin decided to sit in the chair version of the Ancient Repository of Knowledge that was found in a newly discovered portion of the ship.

Corporal Reynolds 1 episode, Morgan David Jones In the few seconds their minds are back in their own bodies, Dr.

Barnes 10 episodes, Daniel Jackson, the only crewmember left onboard Earth’s ship, successfully confined Vala to the brig and went out to meet the two aliens on a planet that Vala had univsrse into the ship’s systems to land upon.


Movie Scott 1 episode, Scott lead the expedition to the nine-chevron address after Nicholas Rush dials it instead of Earth. Season 2 Episode Because Caius had made several upgrades to the cargo ship’s systems, most of which were designed to evade capture, Vala and her partners lician their escape and gave the ship back to Caius.

Female Airman 1 episode, Sean Carey Simultaneously, in their few seconds back on DestinyWray manages to inform Colonel Young of the attack and their need to defuse the bomb. At a feast for allliance crew, Varro and Becker serve the deer, the first meat the crew has had in a while. Not meant for humans, whose physiology is somewhat different from that of the Ancients, Franklin effectively fried his brain and he was left in a catatonic state.

After arriving kniverse DestinyCurtis accompanied Lt. Young quickly went to his friend’s side and revived him.

Incursion: Part 1

He was one of those chosen by lottery to board the only working shuttle and survive on a nearby planet when the Destiny appeared to be on a catastrophic collision course with a sun. David Telford chose to keep his cover and decided not to warn Stargate Command of the Alliance’s planned attack on P2S Due to this, Varro is able to understand what TJ is going through and can sympathize with her more than the rest of the crew. The same loss of focus thing happened to people watching Lord of the Rings The rest of SG-1 gathered together, located Ventrell’s cloaked cargo ship in a nearby field, and used Carter’s COPS to fake their ringing down into the gym as a trade for the hostages.


Young Ronald Greer 1 episode, Prior to joining the Air Force, Scott fathered a child which he had no knowledge of until years later.

Lucian Alliance

Wray emerges from beneath a desk, with rubble everywhere. Kiva trusted him implicitly, confident in her brainwashing technology, and Telford used this to his advantage to help spare the lives of some of the hostages. She is murdered by Simeon when he kills Amanda Perry while the two have switched bodies. Anateo’s men boarded the ship via a ring transporter and took over, killing Col. Corporal Reynolds 1 episode, Administrator 1 episode, Adam Brody is portrayed by Australian actor Peter Kelamis.

His fellow Jaffa Cha’ra stood next to him in their brief battle, but even so, Teal’c was slightly wounded in the side. Since Michaels is a woman, Camille Wray volunteers to temporarily trade bodies with her.

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Alliance Tech 1 episode, Michael Lenic Atlantis Home page Transcripts Aliens. Rush, no other crewman has a matching overall knowledge of the ship and its functions. She does not have adequate medical coverage until the Air Force begins to pay for her treatment in return for Eli’s joining the Icarus project.

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