Shin waits for Eun-tak to get done with work, and Class Prez happens to walk right past him at the station. I may have some disagreement regarding your review for this drama and the comments within well, because I LOVE this drama to bits that it hurts me reading those harsh critics sometimes but I know you have done your best recapping and putting your opinion and I respect you for it. Annika January 22, at 7: After one fight too many, she is expelled from school. Btw, how hot is Lee Hyuk is? Yes, but I was hoping that Shin would have another conversation with the deity about the consequences of his choice. Tresna January 23, at

I am truly going to miss our dear characters. Personally i also wanted an ending all neatly wrapped up with a bow. Why I don’t like it, maybe because the ending, that scenes are missing something or not complete or not enough, something like that. I dreaded this moment In episode 4, when Tae In goes home to apologize, his father immediately grabs a golf club— a golf club —to beat him up with. Once CEO Kim regains consciousness, he chants for a song, and Reaper immediately regrets it when Shin busts out in song like an embarrassing, hopeless romantic.

Biscuit Teacher Star Candy: First Impressions (Episodes 1-4)

It must be time for a new identity, because Shin packs up and leaves his house. I will have to re-watch it. Peppa January 23, at 6: There is no divine “Will”. Kiria January 22, at When Goblin remain immortal I somewhat feel that we have an incomplete story.

Hello My Teacher Promotional poster. It’s weird that Euntak and Shin never addressed his immortality issue and what that would mean for their future after he came back from the tundra.


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The Lonely Shining Goblin Favorite. Mmmm, anyone know anything about Buddhism? He sees a glimpse of her future, where she asks Eun-tak to go on another blind date. I also really, really hope that all four of them will be able to meet each other again during this lifetime.

Linda Palapala January 22, at 9: In the name card it says that she died of illness, which probably came with her old age: And if they have kids, will Shin have to watch them die before him? Kim Shin’s brokenness in the tea room gutted me that thoroughout all the deaths he experienced- this one death of his beloved wife is what broke him. I like that Kim Seon got her wished granted both the one after her brother’s death from the sword and the one she made after the time skip about forgetting the next lives and meeting each other again.

Yeah, also even though KS’ll have to bear the pain of witnessing ET die every lifetime, he knows exactly where she’s going to and he can be certain that she’ll always come back to him. The scene where they both start screaming their heads off so Tae In can escape from the hospital is hilarious.

If killing yourself makes you a grim reaper I would have bet money that sacrifing yourself for another makes you an angel Their names disappear from the cards, and Hoobae wonders why their fates changed.

And at least based on my drama watching, the line between student and teacher is a much more permeable thing in Korea than it is in America, where Bo Ri would have been arrested or fired for inappropriate behavior by episode 4. She goes running out in the middle of the live broadcast, and just tells them to read the letter on the air.


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You’re words were truly on spot. He congratulates her on the wedding and she beams.

Bo Stzr is like a trickster character. Whenever the other teacher was on screen it was kind of boring, and frankly a little painful.

Tae In is scared, his taecher are wide and earnest and flit back and forth as they fill with tears, he fidgets while on his knees, and his voice shakes as he apologizes and gives in to every demand his father has ever made: Also, question regarding reincarnation. He asks if she prefers Saturday or Sunday, and Eun-tak asks why he keeps insisting on getting married this weekend.

Lastly, the purpose of comments is to read into things, if one wants to. We have seen Euntak niscuit others.

I was hoping it was yoon eun hye who showed up with a boyish cut: Or until another one is made to do the job, lol. Further, although KS has to wait for a long time for ET an reincarnate, he has all the time in the world cause he’s immortal lol. I would have loved to see him in the future as well.