Totally didn’t see all of this coming! If people are still not watching this crazy drama they are totally missing out on one of the best! Mikaal Sahab Sorry, I refuse to call him bhai! Silvatein episode 6 in High quality by ARY digital — 14th march The entire episode was well edited and flowed so as a viewer I could focus on the characters and performances. I have loved Zain since episode 1 huge Amina Sheikh fan lol , despite her craziness. Already waiting for Thursday and looking forward to Natasha busting a vein or two when she finds out the wedding is on for real! Browse All Articles 40 Articles.

I just wish she would leave him alone. Learn how your comment data is processed. Watch Promos of Silvatein: I loved this episode- just loved it! Excellent — the more the merrier! I have jumped over from the ZGH board to this one! I love how when in a previous episode I think.. Silvatein episode 5 in High quality by ARY digital — 7 march

Are you the publisher? Silvatein episode 1 by ARY digital — 7th february Every story has twists and turns, some predictable some unexpected, sometimes these work and sometimes not so much.

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I just wish she would leave him alone. Notify me of new posts via email. Browsing the Latest Snapshot.

I get Vasay is a supporting actor, but it amazes me how much I am enjoying his performance and his character — he may not be the eye candy that Adeel is, but I think I am attracted to his strength, his loyalty, and his disposition. So true Rehmat about Natasha and Chotu being the most kiddo couple ever! Hopefully will be able to get to them all! Poor chotu, though, I can already see him growing weary! I watched all 13 episodes this weekend! Silvatein episode 7 in High quality by ARY digital — 21th march Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.


There was nothing in this episode, or previous ones for that matter, that had even hinted at this happening. They bring out the best in each other right from mora piya. Much like Muneeze, I too was having a hard time accepting this new and improved Zaib at face value. Silwatein Episode 9 4th March Even with the last scene i was like wahhhh no no no please let there be more. Agree with you on Mikaal. I know the ex was hilarious, she has NO filter!

She was so obviously shedding crocodile tears. Silvatein episode 6 in High quality by ARY digital — 14th march I loved the episode, review and Samira Fazal!!!

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And yes, despite knowing what was to happen, one still was caught unawares. I intentionally left out Natasha and Bilal. I have loved Zain since episode 1 huge Amina Sheikh fan loldespite her craziness. Silvatein Episode 15 in High Quality 16 May Already waiting for Thursday and looking silvaein to Natasha busting a vein or two when she finds out the wedding is on for real!

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Wanting to throw my remote control at both Bilal n Natasha is a whole dif story but nonetheless love the drama! It was such a treat to have such a gradual show of the way Muneezay and Rayaan changed towards Zaib.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Is there a limit to her madness?! Theirs is not the burn your screen down kind of heat, but a more latent one, which is not dependent on roses and rings, but just every day conversations, eoisode all the important and not-so-important matters in life. Afia and Annie thanks for the input!!

SZ, lol I will!

Rayaan and Zaib are indeed a perfect couple. Loved the exchange between zain and rayyan after the proposal debaucle. Much as you would like it onlune be, its not all about you!! I loved loved loved this episode.

Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 25 of I have just realised how sad I am going to be when this ends! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They not only have to come up with new stories, but also keep it coherent and interesting enough to keep jaded audiences engaged, ensuring that they tune in week after week.

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Love that Samira Fazal comments too! I still think I like Zaib the best. You are commenting using your Twitter account.