ACE Ethernet port statistics. Number of frames specifically addressed to the station excluding broadcasting Functional test b CPT5: This document is not intended as an instruction manual for untrained persons. TS Protection 81R unit 2 Bit On reception, the CRC16 is recalculated and compared to the received value. This type of exchange is called broadcasting. As a result, only messages that do not require the transmission of data by the slaves can be broadcast. Number of frames received with a CRC error or physical error frames with After wiring, check the information given by the link more than bytes, frames received with at least one parity, overrun, framing or activity LEDs when the supervisor operates.

Indirect-access data In this case, the Modbus addresses indicated make up an exchange zone occupied by different data, depending on the context. Modbus protocol Modbus protocol data units Types of functions The Modbus protocol provides read and write functions as well as network- 1 management and diagnostics functions. Parameters Description Authorized values User control enable Check this box to enable the configuration Default: The “time not correct” event may also appear if there is no battery. The counters are reset to 0: Sepam transmitting v Rx flashing: RSTP parameters must verify the following relationships: TS Buchholz tripping Bit

TC37 Enable synchro-check – Bit TS98 Protection 67 unit 2 Bit In the following pages of this document, all addresses are expressed in hexadecimal xxxxh. If other addresses are used, Sepam may return an exception message or data that is not significant. Electrical network protection User’s manual Sepam series 80 Modbus communication.

How to Read the Protection Function Setting From SEPAM 20, 40, or 80 via Modbus Communication

TS Capacitor step 3 matching fault Bit TS Thermostat alarm Bit Only certain Modbus addresses can be set up in these tables. Configuring an ACE involves: If the current IP address is different from the one configured, this could mean that the configured address is not valid, unless the IEC protocol is also being used.


Write bit function 5 Request 5 Bit address Bit value 0: Dead1 AND Live2 no-voltage conditions for which coupling is allowed 2: TS Inhibit thermal protection tripping Bit Sepm Protection 47 unit 1 Bit Seroes choice between direct mode or confirmed SBO The remote-control order is executed if the bit in the STC word and the bit in the mode for remote control orders is made in the Sepam associated TC word are set.

Risk of electric shock The addition of either symbol to a Danger or Warning safety label indicates that an electrical hazard exists, which will result in personal injury if the instructions are not followed. TS Protection 81H unit 1 Bit If acknowledgment is incorrect incorrect value for the exchange wordit is not taken into account and the table remains as is.

If acknowledgment is incorrect incorrect value for the exchange wordit is not taken into account and the zone remains as is. If auxiliary power is lost, the date and time function continues to operate, on the condition that a charged battery 1 PE was installed. The parameter setting of the logic input may be done in two modes: The function or the unit does not exist for this Sepam.

Depending on the application and the parameter settings, some information is not significant. Sepam also supplies in the check-word the indication “Sepam time not correct” if it is necessary to reset the time often the case when the battery is low or absent.

Identification zone The identification zone contains system information pertaining to the identification of the Sepam equipment.

Forward delay time Time value to control how sereis a port 4 to 30 seconds changes its spanning state when moving Default: Synchronization To ensure long-term time stability or to coordinate a number of devices, commnuication is possible to synchronize Sepam relays. If transfer of the record is not finished, the exchange word is reset to FFFFh while the next block of data is prepared, otherwise the exchange word is not modified.


TS Protection 46 unit 2 Bit TS81 to TS96 Bit IP subnet mask The IP subnet mask is also made of 4 dot separated fields: Two Modbus transfer zones per port recover records using a specific protocol ensuring correct transfer, mdbus if communication problems occur.

Sepam series 80 Modbus user’s manual | Schneider Electric

This can indicate a normal situation due to a restart of the Sepam after parameters have been downloaded. TS Reserved Word 0C TS Additional-phase reverse rotation Bit Use of COM2 port and Ethernet interface are mutually exclusive. The other data words are not significant. It may be accessed by a single read or write operation, addressing a part of or the entire zone in question.

This information can also be viewed with SFT, comjunication the “Sepam diagnosis” screen. TS93 Protection 59N unit 1 Bit TS85 Protection 27D unit 1 Bit TS Automatic capacitor step control Bit Function identifier It is identical to that used to read the settings.

TS Protection 37P unit 1 Bit TS Coupling synchronization failure Bit TS Protection 51C unit 8 capacitor step 4 Bit Inhibition in Test mode Test mode may be used to temporarily stop the transmission of all time-tagged events when remote operation of the installation is not to be disturbed by maintenance operations carried out on the electrical equipment.

Sepam series 80 Modbus user’s manual

If in doubt, it is always possible to revert to the default values using the Default settings button. Number of valid frames received, whether the slave is involved or not 1 transmission or receptionthese LEDs flash. It is possible to protect the remote-setting zone against writing, see the section on security. TS90 Protection 59 unit 2 Bit