Shahnaz guessed and instead of holding that against Kulsoom, she wished the two could have a future together. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But he encourages his daughter to study making Shameem happy. All of a sudden, Inayat has realised what a gem his daughter, Kulsoom is. It has finally been confirmed. The both of them are still awkward around each other though, which is understandable. Again like you, I worried about the child star. This week saw some more brilliant performances.

Though she told him that she trusts him and she wished she could do something for the two, she was helpless. All it took was one sentence to depict how much he ignored his children: Where was he when she had no food to eat? I think it was very accurate. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The sadness in her voice when she acknowledged that Kulsoom is the biggest victim, reflected the sympathy she felt for the girl. Rehaai focuses on low-income families and the daily issues women face in society including, second marriage, child marriage, access to education, domestic violence and economic exclusion.

We were told these were real stories that were related to the writer by Kashf Foundation. Fill in your regiew below or click an icon to log in: The last scene was the one which got me reveiw eyed.

Seeing a man like him cry so earnestly was unbelievable of course as well as pitiable. Another thing and I mentioned this in my first two reviews is the use of an 11 year old girl.


Rehaai — Last Episode

Danish Reciew, as Akmal, is one of the few adorable characters of the serial. At such points people really should ask themselves if they would let their own kids do such roles.

Some might say that it was a bit idealistic but I think it was perfect, considering that the serial aimed to spread awareness and motivate women to work on their own rwview carve their own fate. Her mannerisms and reviiew delivery was not in sync with the environment the characters live in.

Waseem softened greatly towards her, allowing her to study at home and telling her to rest. Anyways,I erama your review. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat He also encouraged Akmal to come out of his fear and admit his love for her. He does not think of the child as a bride till the develish Chacha suggests it. Vasim tells her that the girls will stay with them.

Saniya, as Kulsoom, was adorable as well. This is a bit too much to handle….

She tells Shehnaz that even though she gave birth to the girls, Shehnaz is the one who raised them. Akmal was missed but we would see him in the next episode. Then he meets his long lost friend who was doing an illegal business of gambling. All in all, a very happy ending.

Rehai Episode 5 – Review | A Fanatic’s Review

The last scene was my favourite. What was team Rehaai trying to prove?

Shehnaz deserves special mention here as she went out of her way to look out for both, Kulsoom and her daughter, by staying up all night to take care of the baby and spending her savings on reuai medicines.


Perhaps, they rehqi shoot scenes extremely randomly or use older women in disturbing scenes skinny look-alike women, and not show the face? She tells him in no certain terms will she get married at this age as she want to go to medical school and become a doctor. After Kulsoom and Akmal finally get married, Vasim talks to his mother about going to Kashf Foundation for help with the business. This week saw some more brilliant performances.

Rehaai ~ Episode 1 Review

Though he is ashamed and asked his mother for forgiveness, his attitude towards his wives is still the same. Rfview Jabbar has once again portrayed her brilliance. Many cliff-hangers are in store!

After all, he has 3 girls and he might actually want this to happen to make it easy on himself. As for Danish Taimoor, you can see his acting abilities maturing with every scene. Though he is just an employee, his loyalty demands him to make sure his boss and his rhai stays happy. He has started a business with his friend and is now flourishing.