How to End a Trilogy: Their teeth are blackened out, because that joke was so successful in Pee Mak. He has clothes drying outside. Because you drank the least. Pee Mak 2 , as the title might suggest, is selling itself as a sequel to the highly successful Mario Maurer vehicle Pee Mak Phra Khanong. I better go check. You also used your power to help me hit those cans. Oh, I just realized.

And so the characters walk around with ridiculous version of period hairstyles. But if I die first, you would be able to find a new husband easily. His house looks run down and abandoned. A woman all alone and so vulnerable. Not between Nak’s leg. Well, the war front has made its way here. My mom once told me, if you look between your legs, you can tell if they’re ghosts. Can’t you see we are all still trying to sleep?

But when you’re really starving, you can eat anything.

The body I saw was Mak. I saw Nak upstairs but she was able to reach to the ground to grab a lime. I’ve been living with a ghost all this time? Except her hot pot. It represents the worst of the commerce side of the movie business; the movie actively trying to trick audiences into thinking it’s something that it is not.


我的鬼妻 Pee Mak A – video dailymotion

About Nak looking down between his legs and not seeing anything. Just one thing though. I will donate a lot of money to fix this damn roof! The ruby ring is exactly like Nak’s. Can’t you see we are all still trying to sleep? She didn’t come back. You can find a new husband now.


The living and the dead can’t stay together. This film is just trying to piggyback on the success of a much better, much moviee interesting picture. If Nak is really a ghost, then seduce her!

我的鬼妻 Pee Mak A

People Interview with the Hungry: Your dad must be Shakespear. No one thought I would make it. The cemetery is all full. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: It’s been over a hour and you can’t even finish one glass. Rest and Recharge at These 8 Wellness Spas arou If you are really a ghost, then I should be able to see through you.

Englishh lot of elements are outright copied, the film not putting in the effort to put its own twist on the material. So, stop freaking out. Just forget about him, Nak.

How do you think she keeps her nice figure. It features the same set of characters, but moves them from their high school milieu to the period setting of the Mae Nak story. The cemetery is full now. I better go check. He has clothes drying outside. I just wanted to be with the person I love. They find themselves in the middle of the Mae Nak story, having to help unite the angry spirit Wanida Termthanaporn with her lost love and find their way back to present times.

But if I die first, you would be able to find a new husband easily. I guess tonight will be difficult to find a boat. So we could bring a doll back for Dang.


‘Pee Mak 2’ is a Blatant, Soulless Ripoff

We promised each other there wouldn’t be any secrets between us. But they end up insulting the legendary spirit instead, and tagapog thus transported back in time as punishment. San Antonio Village, Makati.

Without you Mark, we would be dead already. But the body I saw in the backyard has the same ring as Nak’s.

Do you still remember what we talked about on the ferris wheel? To this end, they go to a temple of Mae Nak to sbu a wish to pass their tests and graduate on time. Because they stuck inside my wound.

I told you not to do it. What kind of ghost has a skin that smooth? What are you afraid of? Oh he said “It’s about to rain. If you are still human, why did you scream when the holy water touched you? Main Cast Kunatip Pinpradab. I once ate my dog. But he’s back to the United States of America with the missionaries.

Why do you guys hae to be in the way? Even in you normal form, I’m already scared shitless.