Toadfish Rebecchi Eve Morey Oh, I knew it! Amber admits she’s thinking of moving in with Daniel, partly to get away from the craziness at home with Paige, which has made Amber feel like she doesn’t belong. Everyone gasps in shock, and Karl begs Sheila not to tell anyone. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! She admits that she may have told him she thinks it’s a good idea, but is clearly regretting it now. Karl says there should be a rule which disqualifies Ramsay Street residents from betting, since they know the author is among them. Lucy seems pleased by this information.

Oh, don’t start accusing an innocent cripple! Do you know, there used to be a big tree right over there. Would it be such a bad thing if I did? Amber looks horrified, while saying the words: Daniel offers to move it for her, but Amber says it’s better if she faces Imogen alone. They’ve also decided on a Great Gatsby theme for the hen and bucks’ nights, which will start separately but culminate in a joint party at the Waterhole. Add the first question. Search for ” Episode 1.

Karl reminds Toadie that the Book of Secrets is erotica, not filth. Lassiter’s Complex Amber meets Imogen so they can retrieve the car, Imogen still clearly upset with Amber.

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Monday on Neighbours – Chris tells Kyle that this could be his best chance to be a dad – Chris tells Lucy how flattered he is at her proposal – School antagonist Hayley episofe a band of tittering extras tease Susan about Karl’s erotic novel – After a friendly conversation, Naomi starts checking out Josh’s bum!


Have you two been taking it easy in the bedroom?

Shh, Sheila will hear you! Everyone gasps in shock, and Karl begs Sheila not to tell anyone.

Oh, loosen up Karl. She tells Daniel she hasn’t told her parents about moving in with him yet, but that she just ran into Imogen, who’s annoyed that Fpisode the car is at Lassiter’s.

Add the first question. Lou Carpenter credit only Stefan Dennis I see there’s no love for Doctor K yet? So, Rain was a big part of my life!

Paul Robinson Tim Phillipps I think even Nell would have known what you meant, Jarrod. Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments Paul is oddly casual about the idea of Amber moving in, when Daniel enthusiastically asks him if it’s okay. Plus her family need her, and she can’t run away.

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Melissa Bell Nell Rebecchi: Lucy tells him about her own recent break – up, and is wondering if she’s destined to be alone. Toadie and Sonya head off for Toadie’s hospital check – up, while Chris and Lucy get started on the cake tasting.

Because really, apart from the obvious, there’s nothing that I can’t really get from my friends. Oh, come on, it’s money for jam! Sheila Canning Josef Brown Chris thanks Lucy for all her help organising it. While Chris takes Nell in the other room to retrieve her beanie, Sonya remarks to Lucy that the two of them seem to be getting along very well.


Matt Turner credit only Jenna Rosenow But Chris points out he’s single anyway. Thanks for the overshare. Daniel flashes back to his own memory of the conversation. Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments Daniel is strumming the guitar on the balcony, looking sad. No cake for you, it’s gonna clog you up. Chris agrees, on the proviso that Lucy changes the nappies. In his universe, this makes perfect sense! She’s also warming to the idea of singing herself at their wedding.

You can call it whatever fancy name you want, buddy.

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You should give it a chance. Once he’s stopped laughing and realised she’s serious, we pan in for a perplexed Pappas close – up. The Oscar nominee reflects on his memorable appearance on ” Game of Thrones ,” and teases his Star Wars role.

Written by KGF Vissers. He says that I remind him a bit of Tash. Yeah, it’s got a lot of history, doesn’t it? No 30 Sonya comes in to pick up Nell, as she’s about to head for dinner with Toadie.