Writers fault, not exactly hers. Despite the monotony of the middle, the “here and there” of the writing, and the unfulfilled Choi Ryu result, the actors acted well, and I got my happy ending. Stopped watching this a loong time , it was a hot mess!! Therefore, they’ve decided to take revenge on Choi Ryu who is in complete hiding. Because any way you slice it, this role is a career killer. I stopped watching this drama lonnng time ago but I still read your recaps every week!! And then Ok-soon cooks for Myung-wol, wanting once to make her food like a real mom.

Start your free trial. Ryu all the way. Oh, what a sweet set up that would be and In Ah goes to back to Singapore to run her grandfathers hotel only to run into Choi Ryu once again who is being hunted by the North. What about North Korea? Meanwhile Hee-bok heads to the police station, ready to turn Ok-soon in for a bundle of cash, but he catches sight of a pretty lady who reminds him of Ok-soon, and turns back around. Ahh well, I’m glad the ride is over. I honestly just hate when people complain about her unprofessionalism and how she screwed up the drama. All the while he maintained that narcissist persona his character was supposed to be.

She knows she has to go back home and she did, with her tail between her legs at that In-ah rushes in and begs him not to do ite, and stands between Ryu and Grandpa, pleading for his life.

Abuse of the TV. And although I can’t vouch for that drama because I skipped episodes here and there, I think any fan of his would be happy to watch it and root for him to get the girl.

And I can’t agree with you more on your final comments on this drama because they seem to be a reflection of my thoughts on this drama from the beginning. To be honest, I cared more about your recaps than the drama.

Suddenly the paper slowly starts to descends, you are confused not knowing what just happened, why is the paper descending? UGH, i haven’t had time to watch it, but i was hoping it would be a legit romcom.

I hope Guess we can only wait and see what else he’s going to do next. I even thought about keeping the files because I was impressed with him. There seems to be fundamentally flawed about an industry that could allow for the actions of one person, an actress, to be so disruptive to a drama in the way that the HYS’s debacle has done to Myung-wol the Spy MTS Oh Hae-young Again Her family’s dire circumstances and the encouragement of a noble’s son finally drive her to attend Sungkyukwan University, forbidden for females.


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Did they make a deal with the NSA? I can’t believe these guys would deal with Chairman Joo time and time again, even knowing he was a shady backstabber.

As for the ending, despite feeling like drinking the glass half full since it didn’t resolve all the loose ends BUT I am quite content that at least it’s a happy ending, no one dies, amnesia I started being really excited for this drama, but it got more and more tiring to watch.

Myung Wol the Spy Episode 1

I too liked Eric’s performance more than any other element in this drama. I am moved by Ryu and In-ah But, man, if only the writing was sharper Yeah, that does suck. Joon September 6, at guuide You were quirky and offbeat and something new, and the possibilities were endless. It’s certainly made me a fan of Eric.

Should have ended earlier for the better, or the could have made the happy ending longer. D Siwon fans, please dont hurt me but I personally wanted Eric to do Poseidon instead of Siwon, I think Eric is a much better actor than him, even though Yes Siwon has the action packed drama under his resume guidf Athena so playing the role probably wasn’t too difficult.

This is why I don’t understand the people blaming HSY for how this drama turned out in the end – Spy Myung-wol was episodee having trouble long before the off-screen drama happened. Myjng don’t want a lot of angst and drama in my drama if they don’t deliver it during the script writing! I cracked up so many times reading the recaps: I would totally watch that! The thing is, that death fakeout was so obvious that it was hard to feel the kind of dramatic tension that the drama was aiming for.


On the bright side, Myung-wol makes a breathtaking bride! I truly respect them for it. It lost its charm and wit and it probably would’ve done better without the two episode extension.

Episode 14 Full Episode S 1: Given all the traumas this cast and drama have suffered, I am less inclined to be critical of it. If it only takes one “disruption” to “mess up” a drama, then the PD and writer have some serious things to work on.

Spy Myung Wol – Watch Full Episodes and Clips –

Did her acting ruin the drama, or was it the plot? I just couldn’t get myself to care about any of the characters especially when all the offscreen drama was happening. The Water Gukde Habaek visits earth to fulfill his mission with the help of his servant in the human world, named psychiatrist Yoon So Ah, whose ancestor have promised to serve The Water God If the solution was going to be this easy, then why did we have to go through all the leaving, not leaving, hiding, dealing, kidnapping, and fake death?

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Now onwards to Poseidon! I have never been a fan of Han Ye Seul and after what she has done, I dislike her even more Choi Ryu 18 episodes, Also, there are serious issues with a drama when I prefer the second female lead over the main lead. It sure took an awful long time for you guys to give in to the bromance.

I’m so shocked at this ending. Use the HTML below. Aw, I actually feel bad for In-ah. You know, I read these recap summaries in the beginning and was laughing at every single one I read you both do a fantastic job of recapping. In between, they were getting lousy and boring.

Episode 13 Full Episode S 1: