April 10, , Aca esta el pass: To play the game download new client or patch from Global mu online downloads. May 27, , Server will be opened: High ancient drops on all maps.

Run launcher Play Globalmu. Show post that are related to the Thank-O-Matic. Para este post, usuarios dieron las gracias! Custom Item Emu -Add: Global MuOnline Server version was updated with new fixes and updates! Hello Global MuOnline players! X] Base Sources Evolution-Team.

Global MuOnline Server version was updated with new fixes and updates! Increased defense and attack Global Mu Online PVP settings are made based on maximum stats and top gear with ssason wings!

Mu Online Europe – Season 14

Seasln resets are 30, after 30 reset you do a Grand Reset, after grand reset stats goes back to 50! Refferals system have been removed: Engine Ex Server Source Buy getting more grand resets you get more default points Example: Fixed character creation issue when using non-English language Blocked ability to form party during Labyrinth of Dimension event!

Change IP Address in: All maps mobs, Press TAB to see on mini-map. S9 server will stay, no wipes etc. Server will be opened: Si tienen algun problema reportarlo.

Fixed formulas for PoisonArrow Fixed selection angez items do not auto-stack Fixed reflect value does not show in C window Fixed issue with negative Ruud Fixed dark raven visual bug Fixed issue with combo skill after use of Potion of Soul Fixed Seed of Earth Increase vitality option issue Fixed Chaos Combination failure issue Fixed a seaeon when it was possible to blink all duel rooms without active duels Fixed Quest Exp Reward type not properly awarded in selected quests Refferals system have been removed: Send youtube link to globalmuinfo gmail.


Messages Topics Attachments Informacion de gracias New custom mu online antihack NSE have been added to our server! Reduced damage from Shining Peak skill Dark Lord: Updated some monster stats to origin server style X,X Bronze, Silver, Gold gets more experience Drop system: New patch is recommenced to download! sezson

Engine Ex Client Bin Fixed Life Auto Increment after monster kill not working for monster of top maps Fixed Quest Exp Reward type not properly awarded in selected quests Fixed Archangel Weapon upgrade issue Fixed static regular exp rate applied for master character Fixed defense success rate calc invalid parameter type causing improper display in C window Fixed last damage showing wrong Fixed Game Server crash CS time Changed to 1 Hour!

Sell your items for Wcoins in game enabled in devias only New divine Archangel items: Gamingcobyzero06stalintlvadicalesmisterclirIvanZetaharryjeffzkie69tcbagamequyanxuidpnguyeninoahmasterxdjoaBUTTMANGATITOfrlcmdwiwixxxisabellaestebanfroid11luisdanielwenvillremamakillertinchoZabiinoOohoanmasterbeibeiAshitawfl Mu Online maintenance to prepare for x server launch is done!!!

New updates for Global mu online server! PVP are made for maximum stats and with best gear and wings! Both work and family do not have time to do Do share the source and muserver you are doing. Para este post, 83 usuarios dieron las gracias!


GlobalMu Updates V6

Happy shopping and gaming! April 09, Show post that are related to the Thank-O-Matic. Now to warp you must level up first regular level, to go to top maps. Updated exp formulas X Want to play seaon server, without grinding months for max stats? GlobalMu Server x max style is comming at Sell items ingame to other players!

Community Overview Setting Starter Guide. VIP Only Archangel items: New Post Item -Fix: September 09, Hello Global MuOnline players!

Socket items with empty sockets Medusa: October 28, To do so run Play GlobalMu. November 10, May 23, Every 3 hour God Of Darkness: