Seth opens gift, a blender, and accuses Pickles for ruining his wedding. They run into difficulties, such as buzzing whenever Skwisgaar touches his guitar while on the ground. Season 2 Episode 12 – Revengencers Dethklok visits scarred and disfigured victims of recent bomb attacks. Offdensen proposes that Murderface produce the charity event as Skwisgaar and Toki take driving classes. Sealab , Season 4. However the doubles are actually spies for the Council trying to steal some contracts from Duncan Hills coffee, while Dethklok just want to pal around with them. Dethklok arrests a kid for downloading their music. Offedensen launches his squad of Klokateers while Murderface as Fire Chief leads people inside Mordhaus to safety.

But are these dopplegangers really all that they seem? The Metalocalypse has re-begun. General Crozier voice George Fisher Meanwhile they try to record their new album with a technology that records music in liquid form. Dethklok fires their new designer while in a petrified state of fear. She succeeds in murdering the cult but is killed by a meteorite that ricocheted off an orbital Dethklok advertisement.

The majority of the music featured this season was released on the album Dethalbum II. Season 2 Episode 3. Add the first question. The assassin from the episode “The Metalocalypse Has Begun”, is seen torturing a Klokateer, trying to find out how to get into Mordhaus. He then begins dating again, but the band interferes in various ways, such as refusing to give him and his date privacy or maintaining relationships with previous dates.

The second season of the animated show Metalocalypse originally aired on Adult Swim from September 23, to September 7, with 19 episodes. Pickles gets a new PR lady head of the ” Exodus PR firm” who inflates his fame as part of a conspiracy to lure new members into her cult, who she plans to kill after robbing them blind.

Season 2 Episode 18 – Dethrecord The world economy is crumbling and waiting for the next Dethklok album to stimulate it back into order.

Edit Storyline Dethklok arrests a kid for downloading their music. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. As they perform at the charity concert, Edgar attempts to assassinate them with seaskn rifle, but he is discovered by the Dethklok fans who attack him.


Toki receives a phone call informing him that his Dad has cancer. It’s Season 2, and Dethklok continues to tour the earth in search metalocalhpse all things brutal. If in doubt, do dethleesons use. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Metalocalypse: Nathan serves a term as the temporary governor of Florida.

Nathan, Skwisgaar, and Murderface stare in shock as one of the audience members is brutally killed.

Toki Wartooth is fed up playing in the shadow of Skwisgaar’s lead guitar. Retrieved from ” https: As the band transform into their animal forms, Crozier is also exposed to Yopo and begins to have hallucinations of Cardinal Ravenwood as the rest of his team are killed by natives.

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Brian Posehn and Gene Hoglan Songs included: When Toki gets news that his dad is dying, he’s forced to travel back metalocalypsw his home town metalocaly;se Norway. Pickles bribes his way to Snakes ‘n’ Barrels but is unable to convince them not to perform with Kixx. Vater Orlaag voice Brendon Small The band is fed up with Metapocalypse knowing more than they do. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

They are arrested, but not be found guilty if they get their licenses and do some charity work. This is threatened the terrorist group The Revengencerswho General Crozier promises on his life to stop. List of Metalocalypse episodes.

Metalocalypse Season 2 Episode 1 2 Dethecution, Dethlessons FULL HD

The governor of Florida promises to veto a bill to give Nathan Explosion a state holiday, and enraged fans abduct and murder him brutally, opening his position. Riders of Berk, Vol.

When Toki gets news that his dad is dying, he’s forced to travel back to his home town in Norway. However, when the group’s prototype clothing doesn’t fit they are forced to diet. Feeling bad for his brother, Pickles accepts Ofdenson’s offer of making Seth head of Dethklok Australia a position where the previous holders were brutally murdered. Skwisgaar and Pickles successfully fend off the minions using their instruments as weapons. Season 3 Episodes Beachfront Bargain Hunt- Renovation – Feb 25th.



Season 2 Episode 15 – Dethdad When Toki gets news that his dad is dying, he’s forced to travel back to his home town in Norway. It is announced to the world through smoke emitting from Mordhaus’ chimney, a reference to the Papal election processthat they had finished their album.

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Episode also known as “Black Fire Upon Us”; Episode sometimes divided into two parts listed as episode 19 and Crozier then knocks out the teenager with the butt of a shotgun, before being confronted by Orlaag and Selatcia.

Dethklok enters the fashion industry to promote their new clothing line, and in the the process experiences the brutality of negative body image, dieting, and bulimia.

Dethklok is finally lured back into the outside world with their protective “pelvic-thrust mace belts” to be a part of the world’s largest public sesaon of criminals in recorded history. After seeing his father, Toki tells the rest of the band that his father’s last wish is to mmetalocalypse the house he was raised in. Season 2 Episode 4. Dethklok’s new album is released to the world. Vater Orlaag voice Brendon Small Nathan Explosion serves an emergency term as temporary governor for the state of Florida, sending Florida into a state of further emergency.

Season 2 Episode 4 – Dethdoubles After a massive shootout at a Duncan Hills Coffeeshop opening, Dethklok invest in the ultimate protection – another Dethklok. After the credits, three more meteors land on Juice Point, the Arctic, and the Dethklok Minute Studio, respectively killing one of the fans voiced by Devin Townsendbacking off one of the walls, and injuring the Dethklok Minute host dethlessohs he is not killed.

Also a UN resolution allows Dethklok metqlocalypse act as a police force is passed, as a result, Klokateers begin kidnapping and torturing people who illegally download Dethklok songs from the internet. They run into difficulties, such as buzzing whenever Skwisgaar touches his guitar while on the ground.