Just call it the anti-Galaxy Gear. The Martian Notifier’s conservative aesthetic reminded us of a Timex or Citizen watch, which may seem a little plain to some users. Whereas pricey smartwatches from Samsung, Sony and Pebble offer dozens of custom apps and, in some cases, cameras and microphones, Martian Watch’s Martian Notifier is a watch first, and smart device second. Why nominate How to nominate How rating works. Though we can’t imagine wearing a watch to bed, others will find this feature helpful for waking up. Where chic meets peak.

The light turns blue when you receive an alert, green it’s when charging and red when it’s running low on power. For example, you can be reminded to get up from your desk and exercise, take medicine or do other periodic tasks. Martian claims that the smartwatch portion will last four to five days on a charge. The right side houses a standard crown dial for changing the time and, behind a compartment, a microUSB port for charging. More traditional than smart HP Spectre X review: Sony WI-CN wireless earphones first look Martian Notifier smartwatch review: The Find My Phone feature, which we activated from the watch’s menu, worked flawlessly, causing our phone to play a few musical notes, which helped us find it in our couch cushions.

More traditional than smart HP Spectre X review: Martian Notifier is a Bluetooth Smart Ready watch that is able to connect to millions of Bluetooth devices that are already in the hands of users and provide an unsurpassed hands-free experience for people who want to stay connected and informed from the convenience of their wrists.

The Notifier app’s Alarms tab allows you to set silent alarms, which cause the watch to vibrate at designated times. That means alerts from popular apps can be customized and sent directly to the Martian Notifier. After walking over 20 feet away from our Galaxy Note 3, the watch alerted us within 4 seconds that it had lost its connection.

Martian Notifier Smart Watch (Product Review)

Just call it the anti-Galaxy Gear. The free Martian Notifier App is rich with industry-first features and is where users go to easily populate, filter and customize the alerts that are sent to the Martian Notifier. Website Shop Twitter Facebook.


While we found this feature helpful, we had to be very deliberate in our double taget press. Two buttons sit on the Martian Notifier’s left side: Asus Zenfone Max M2 review: These retail partners provide another solid proof point that consumers are looking for a beautiful blend of design and tech when it comes to a smartwatch.

Martian Notifier Review – An Afforable Smartwatch – Tom’s Guide

The timepiece keeps things simple by vibrating and showing alerts on a character scrolling-text display that sits quietly underneath its analog face and hands. To be fair, the Martian Notifier app is simply relaying the same text that all of these services display in the Android notification drawer. Have you ever had a watch like this? Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker review: If a customer voluntarily provides us with their email or phone number for product support or any other reason, we will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

Martian products are easily updated by customers via firmware and app updates. Second, they wanted instant, hands-free notifications… not just from SMS, email, ontifier media, etcetera, but also from their favorite third-party apps including those for fitness, travel, stocks, sports, and more, which already send notifications to their smartphones. We also have a growing retail presence in Singapore, and we are now beginning eatch expand to Europe and beyond. Design Without doubt, the Martian Notifier is primarily an analog wristwatch when it comes to design.

Before we tell you about our new fashion-forward wireless notification smartwatch, we think it is important that you know why we developed it, so you can fully appreciate why Martian Notifier is deserving of a Design Award.

The light turns blue when you receive an alert, green it’s when charging and red when it’s running low on power. True to its name.

A solid daily driver minus the bling. After installing the Martian Notifier app from the Google Play store there’s also a version for iOSwe enabled pairing mode on the watch by taret the bottom button a couple of times to get to its setup menu and then the top button once to check “Android. The watch sports a silicone band with a stainless steel clasp and has an anti scratch, acrylic crystal face.


They are all employees norifier Martian Watches, headquartered in Irvine, California.

The Martian Notifier also sports a Flashlight feature that causes its LED indicator to turn white and stay lit until you turn it off. This watch also pushes other notifications to your phone, like Social Media, Fitness, News, Travel, Sports and hundreds of others.

Martian Notifier smartwatch review: See a complete list here. Furthermore, we are the only smartwatch currently be carried by Bloomingdale’s, a premier fashion retailer of top brands in the United States. The Help tab provides documentation for the watch. The Martian Notifier’s conservative aesthetic reminded us of a Timex or Citizen watch, which may seem a little plain to some users. Rate Device Review Device.

Martian Notifier smartwatch review: True to its name

Targer can be the difference between racing to catch your plane or relaxing because you were notified of a delay, being there to pick up your child or having her wait on the dark corner when practice ends early.

Custom vibration patterns make it easy to know if that alert you just received was a call or a text. Our black version of the watch came with a staid, silicone, black band, but Martian will sell 22mm replacement bands in a variety of colors, including sunny yellow, quasar blue, Venus pink, cosmic orange and, our favorite, astro teal.

True to its name Martian Notifier smartwatch review: