Episode 72 Episode Episode 9 Episode 9. Dong Hae wins the cooking competition and he thanks Bong Yi for all of her help with the event. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Click here to learn more. Tae Hoon plans to give up his studies because it seems unlikely that he will ever become a lawyer.

Click here to learn more. Cho tells his wife that everything will be fine as he loses a majority stake in the hotel. This title is currently unavailable. Hye Suk wants Sae Wa to show any evidence. Episode 23 Episode Park Jung Ah Supporting Cast.

Episode 74 Episode Episode 19 Episode Episode 42 Episode Episode 29 Episode Episode episoxe Episode But, he hears bad news about his health. Anna, Dong Hae and the Chos are reunited at the adoption center and everyone smilw happy except Hyesuk.

Saewa discovers that she is pregnant with Do Jin’s child. Kim Jun wakes from a coma to see his wife and doctors surrounding the bed. Tae Hoon confronts Saewa about the sabotage of Taebong Kimchi sales but she denies any involvement in the plan.

The Chos thank Lee Gangjae and his family for all they have done to help Anna. Sign upWhy? Hyesuk denies knowing anything about the charges against Mr.

The elderly couple weathers their lives together. Send us Feedback Get Help. Episode 61 Episode Hye Suk tries to stop Dong Hae’s appearance on broadcast.

Kim decides to drop out of the cooking competition. Plus, Yujin tries to get closer to Dong Hae by taking him to her mothers restaurant. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from 155 restaurants. Episode 39 Episode Episode 98 Episode Dong Hae and Anna comes in Kang Jae’s house again.


Bong Yi asks Yujin to support Dong Hae smle the stockholders meeting as they attempt to hide the plan. Do Jin tries to replicate Taebong Kimchi but no one is able to find the missing ingredient. Saeyeong goes into labor on Saewa’s big day.

Kim Seonu is confident that Bong Yi will eventually marry him. But, he tries to do his duty. Episode 45 Episode Dong Hae talks to Bong Smils about leaving his job as she tries to convince him against the move.

Dong Hae is still trying to get back on the cooking competition and Piljae feels that the only way to protect Koraen is to marry her. Bong Yi learns her dad has been working a part-time job since losing the contract with the Camellia.

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A curious Kim Jun begins his own search for the Chos’ missing daughter. Saewa is shocked to find a photo of Anna while searching through the desk of her father-in-law. Episode 82 Episode Ji Chang Wook Main Cast. Bong Yi receives a marriage proposal but she claims to be in love with Dong Hae. At work, a surprised Bong Yi is left behind after a car arrives to take Karl home.

As soon as Bong Yi sees him she is surprised because he is childhood friend.


Smile Dong Hae

Do Jin and Hye Suk pay full attention to manage the hotel. Kim puts Dong Hae on probation as he faces accusations of meeting with a hotel broker. Dong Hae wins the cooking competition and he thanks Bong Yi for all of her help with the event.

The 1155 tries to keep Taebong Kimchi off the shopping network but their mission fails.

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Kim will not leave her husband’s bedside after episods news concerning his health. He promised to come back for Anna but never did and never knew that Anna became pregnant with his child. Cho out of the hotel after she collapses in the main lobby. Episode 53 Episode Bong Yi wonders if she should represent the hotel in a competition as Dong Hae reassures her.

Cho worries the situation could become worse. Kim’s office but Saewa advises her not to go. Episode 28 Episode Kim searches for Anna after seeing her in an elevator at the hotel.

Director Kim asks Saewa about her relationship with Karl but she denies knowing him. Dong Hae tries to call Mr.

Episode 80 Episode