Shlok mistakes Aditi to be Astha. Shlok on Astha’s lookout. Shlok apologises to Anjali. Astha apologises to Niranjan. Niranjan apologises to the family. Shlok goes to Indrajeet’s office. Niranjan left in the lurch! Indrajeet gifts a watch to Sapna.

Jyoti complains about Abhay. Apsara reveals Astha’s secret. Varad apologises to Mr. Kalindi casts Ankush out. Astha inquire about Swati. Kalindi prays for Astha.

Shlok teaches Shantanu a lesson.

Shlok-Astha meet in a temple! Jyoti hides the pregnancy news. Gold ornaments are stolen. Shlok decides to go to Mumbai. Barkha feels safe with Shlok. Indrajeet plans to marry Epiode. Astha and Shlok come home. Shlok’s search for Swati. Astha mortgages the gold coins.

Episode #1.540

Varad not ready for a child. Desperate times for Shlok. Niranjan is upset with Anjali.

Niranjan sees Anjali going out. Kalindi discovers Ankush’s truth. Mala ruins the property papers.

Niranjan, Indrajit and a tender! Anjali calms Niranjan down. Niranjan wants Abhay released. Apsara – Indrajeet’s new maid. Anjali gets a shock at the temple. Astha confesses her love. Kavya sees Varad with Mansi.


The police arrest Indrajeet. Jyoti gets upset with Siddharth.

Astha helps Shlok

Will Jyoti and Abhay reunite? El Arrives at Sangeet function. Barkha wants to meet her parents. Shlok mistakes Aditi to be Astha. Shlok asks Abhay to leave. Astha tells Shlok the truth. Niranjan apologises to Anjali.

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Astha and Shlok move to Shanta’s house. Indrajeet prepones the marriage. Ankush reveals his true identity. Niranjan apologises via the media. Varad wishes to reconcile. Astha down memory lane! Niranjan in panic mode. Anjali moves to old age home. Astha gives a presentation. Shlok in police custody!

Astha does the trick!

Anjali burns Swati’s belongings. Sojal wants to see Jaya. Astha-Shlok make a plan. Astha eoisode to Riya. Shlok’s order to Astha. Shlok on Astha’s lookout. Niranjan shares his miseries.

Indrajeet spies on Shlok.