Episode “we go! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. When this episode was aired in America, the entire adventure was edited out, showing only the beginning where the Ham-Hams were telling everyone to keep Hamtaro’s birthday a secret and the ending where all the Ham-Hams are singing for Hamtaro’s birthday. We are patient, and I hate”. Himawari no Tabi ” Japanese: July 9, 4 broadcast. Articles with Japanese-language external links Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text.

Sandy gets a cold and the Ham-Hams are worried about her. September 16, broadcast. Skyham Episode – Caw, Caw! Video games Ham-Ham Heartbreak. Bijou is worried that Hamtaro likes Lapis when she spots Lapis kissing Hamtaro on the cheek, and tries to keep her away from him, although it turns out Lapis supposedly only kissed him out of gratitude. Boss can’t find Snoozer, so the Ham-Hams help him search. Episode 1 61 “swim tottoko!

You can tell that things are getting off to an interesting start — as they always do hamtqro the Ham-Hams are involved!! Leaving eposode Ham-Hams cheering. The Ham-Hams help Sparkle with acting lessons. One Piece Sub 69, 19, 4. Hamtaro, Oxnard, Bijou, and Boss are curious and play with it too, but Boss knocks it over accidentally and one of the batteries gets knocked out, and Kana thinks it has broken. She had heard that she is going to get married. Doko Iku no ” Japanese: His mother, the gifted ghost-story teller who gave Laura and Kana shivers in the summertime with her story of hamster-hunting ghosts, has more tales to entertain our friends.


June 4, broadcast. Dexter takes the destroyed glasses and makes hamster-sized glasses for the Ham-Hams.

September 28, broadcast. Episode 95 “tottoko dances! Laura introduces Hamtaro to konpeito -shaped candies called Diamonds of Sugar. But Herbert and Jingle are in the midst of their travels, and the time to say goodbye comes all too soon.

A snowstorm has just dumped snow onto the town. It’s wintertime, and Laura and Kana bump into their teacher, Mr. Laura, Kana and their fathers go to the aquarium and the Ham-Hams join them. Everyone’s shoes are disappearing! While at PE class, Laura passes out and returns home early with a cold.

April 18, broadcast. This hamaro was last edited on 4 Februaryat On the date, Hamtaro falls in love with her.

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Meanwhile, Laura is shocked that Kana and Travis are hanging out together. October 29, broadcast. December 28, broadcast. June 13, broadcast. Flora is in shock! December 15, broadcast. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally gets splashed while carrying water.


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Once he saw him Hamtaro convinced him to go back to the clubhouse and Laura’s mom came back home. July 13, broadcast. Maria spots her and takes her inside, and Bijou realizes how much she had made her owner worry. They end up looking for it on a mammoth, but Bo and Hamtaro are sucked into its trunk!

The Ham-Hams explore in a cave, but Sandy goes missing! Laura decides to take her dog Brandy for a check-up at Dr. Episode episodde drop thing of tottoko smile”. The Ham-Hams have a Go Cart race. Hamtaro finally returns to Laura. Test of a courage”.

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December 23, broadcast. When Bijou’s owner Maria begins struggling with her piano lessons and recital, Hamtaro and his fellow hams decide to epsiode Maria out into the open fields to relax.

November 17, broadcast.