I will just state again. Non physical planes such as plasma, etheric, astral, etc, are everywhere including on Earth. It took about 5 years of severe ongoing crisis in Greece to finally elect a non-conformist, anti-austerity govt and we are still not talking about a systematic change. I changed some things to see if it had any effect and nothing seemed to change the dizziness. We have been taken advantage of by races because we refused to grow up It seems you are being overly dramatic.

But if we worked together in more direct ways, we could do it NOW!!!!!! Anonymous June 25, at 2: Anonymous June 26, at Corey Goode’s information and Cobra’s information are not compatible in any way, shape, or form. We’re all in a super discernment time of our lives right now Toplet bombs use top quarks and Strangelet bombs use strange quarks, but they both do the same thing and one is not more dangerous than the other one. Its actually borderline irritating and ridiculous.

I think these energies effect everyone in different ways. Me and my 12 year old Daughter Ahjah got to see a white golf ball sized light that was bright in pine trees by our trailer Lots Of Love to you.

Are we feeling dizzy, tired, imsomnia, lately, specially this week? The sudden impact of the HIGH energies would crush us like coackroaches!

Cruise June 26, at 8: It will take time. The restructuring of Nebadon by Alcyone begins today. Stoned June 25, at 3: You know, now that you mention it, I have been seeing beings out of the corner of my eye You’ve caught my attention.


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If that still has you preaching COBRA and not giving open possibility to anyone else, well then my points to ignore you will serve right for myself. I wasn’t able to post this underneath your answer above. The expression “turn the other cheek” has value.

You have to work on yourself. It is pointless to have a discussion with you because you polarize everything I say and set up straw man arguments to try and discredit me.

Observe the sacred geometry mandala getting formed and activated, every being takes its divine position, fully aware of its true divine purpose. You are being very disingenuous.

We’re not listening anymore. The nike blazer pas cher conductor’s moncler face hogan was vans shoes yellow uggs under karen millen uk the moncler corridor new balance light. I called you idiots to make you all pay attention to me!

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Here, too, there are a few from earlier UFO! We breathe the light in and we breath the light out into the group until we are one giant angelic being of light. Jason Polinga June 27, at 4: Ksqn, Oops, I just realized that link won’t work, you have to use this link: Is this a design flaw or is it Cabal sabotage?


Phoenix Boulay June 29, at 5: They had less control systems there which made it easier for them to do that.

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The main idea is to awaken the It’s YOUR negativity that’s the problem. My observation is that your whole problem with us and your failure at enlisting aid is that you are coming from your ego instead of from your heart.

What you do is none of my concern or interest.

You do not know, and neither will we, until something actually happens and a FULL disclosure, whatever that may entail, occurs. Is anybody else experiencing strong anxiousness and tiredness?

RaJah June 25, at I actually think many are uncomfortable on a subconscious level, they see the wars and the species dying off and the earthquakes and volcanoes and floods, etc.

Eliana June 25, at 2: You sitt and wait in your comfortable home while they do the dirty work.