Myra, Eddie and Laura. Both father and son each have a lesson in confessing their mistakes. Waldo constantly worries that other boys have their eyes on Maxine, causing him to go into a jealous fit. Meanwhile, Harriette must deal with a shady repairman Dennis Burkley who has a habit for overcharging his clients and of whom Carl threatened with arrest. Urkel hosts three Valentine’s Day short stories involving various members of the cast going through the three stages of love. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Steve Urkel Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Also, Rachel writes a successful article about the importance of recycling, and goes overboard in opening up a recycling center in the Winslow’s kitchen, since there is none in town.

Maxine ponders cosmetology school and although Laura is against it, she realizes her friend’s happiness is more important. Meanwhile, Harriette and Laura have it out when she starts coming in past curfew. After fighting for a while, Estelle suggests they sell the car, and split the money evenly. However, he shares credit with Lt. In turn, Harriette tells Laura that her attitude may result in her growing “old and alone”. The other poker players applaud as Carl escorts Nick out of his home. Murtaugh, but as it turns out, he ends up doing meager tasks for him.

Only thing is, Waldo needs proof reading skills because he wrote inaccurate invitations to the house party, advertising the gathering as the same night as the wedding. On the night that they go about putting everything away at the Chicago Police Warehouse, a street gang known as Satan’s Serpents breaks in in an attempt to steal the stored weapons and holds both Carl and Steve hostage.

Carl and Laura convince her to give the blanket back.

Search for ” Stevil ” on Amazon. Urkel finds himself competing with another in a long line of Laura’s boyfriends, this time drag racer Curtis Williams. However, this does not exactly count as a goof as the majority stevjl the episode was merely a dream.


During the game, many of the players get hurt, and the coach, with his job epissode on the line, and left with no other options, decides to put Steve into the game, which brings amazing results — as they start making a comeback. After dealing with Steve’s antics for six years, the Winslows visit a family psychiatrist to air their grievances about Urkel in this clip show Carl is trying to repair a lamp and refuses to listen to Urkel’s advice: While Eddie is enlightened, it also teaches Carl the dangers of encouraging sports over education.

When Eddie moves back home, Steve comes for a visit one last time to bid the Winslows farewell. Carl, Urkel and Mr. Today, I conquer that fear.

Family Matters 8×07 Stevil

Before long, his outlaw son comes to town looking for revenge. Carl spends the next few days walking a mile in Urkel’s shoes, while Myra explains herself to Stefan.

Steve revamps his Urkelbot into a haploween bot, encouraging Carl to use the technology to solve a rash of convenience store burglaries. Add the first question.

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Steve admits he was wrong in what he said earlier and apologizes to Carl for not respecting his house rules. However, he unwittingly manages to create marters However, when Harriette mistakes it as her anniversary gift, Carl must set things straight.

Skip fami,y content This episode is terrifying. Jaleel White Teleplay by: When the truth comes out, Harriette is unsure if she could forgive Jimmy and admits her resentment for his actions in leaving their family.

They learn that, during one of his visits, Urkel caused an accident that ruined a model ship Carl had worked three months on. This leads Carl and Eddie to teach the uncoordinated Urkel everything he needs to know about defending himself in the ring.


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When Carl challenges her to name two times, Harriette points out every single kind thing Steve has done for the Winslows, which even Eddie and Laura agree with. Carl ends up chasing Urkel around again.

On Harriette and Mother Winslow’s advice, Carl sees the two officers at a coffee shop and decides to get their side of the story. Mother Winslow later agrees to respect the fact that Carl is the man peisode the house, and she advises Carl to loosen up every once in a while. Please help rewrite it episoce explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Where Are the Couples Now?

Even though Carl earned a commendation for his work in capturing a convenience store atevil, he was unable to prevent the suspect from killing his elderly hostage.

The next morning, Urkel learns that Myra is going to a convent, causing the nerd to assume that she plans to join. Carl asks Stefan to let him step into the transformation chamber to fix his eyesight problems. Meanwhile, the Winslow women get a nasty surprise epiisode the new shampoo that mztters ordered causes them to go bald. When family tries to break them up from fighting, Waldo comes up with a great idea.