Thankfully, three people established rules to prevents accidents and potential death. For community owners-this is a Gamer Fic. Whatever it is, I intend to do something about it. Aiden Onishi spent weeks preparing himself for GGO with the intent to make some serious cash. RWBY Sub Chronicles by ArchieAR reviews With the enemies of old gone and the world in peace for a moment, what will happen when 3 people from our world find themselves thrown into the world of Remnant and a new threat rises up? And he may be the only one who can stop it.

First actual story to write and English is not my home language, so sorry if i make a mistake or repeat too much of the same thing. But all is not how it seems as the world shifts and changes to find a place for him. Rest by Icantgetitoutofmyhead reviews For as long as he can remember, death has always been part of his identity. Now my character is in a new world and I have to resist the urge to blow up everything in sight. This is the story of Ekuro Kita The Terran Gunslinger by TheWanderingHuntsman reviews Waking up on Remnant would be terrifying enough, but waking up a year prior to the show’s start is a nightmare.

Hata, Shouji Sound Director. That is, until fate called them and the two were sent to New Vestroia. Expect some comedy, action, drama, romance, and most importantly a slice of life. Just because i want duel more doesnt mean i want to duel for living by ShittyWizard reviews After thinking how he would love to in place with more yu-gi-oh activty he is in Paradise city 1125 no reason.

It only takes one grain of rice to tip a scale, one pebble falling into the sea to start a tidal wave; Every action, episodw matter how small has an effect on the future. I don’t own the Fairy Tail characters or Astoroth and Suishou. Battle Brawlers by HeraldicEntertainment reviews Bakugan.


With barely any time before the fall, he must stop disaster from occurring. Avoiding all mention of Duel Academy, he focuses on locating Sartorius, and engish his days slumming with the suave-speaking Pierre. With new Pokemon and new friends, adventure awaits! He gets in an accident and somehow re-awoke in another world!

With my luck or karma or whatever is responsible for the surreal event called my life it wasn’t going to happen. Yasuko is an introverted girl who doesn’t smile. Another day in Remnant by Ekiro reviews A large-scale explosion sent a boy fighting a war into another world that he was not familiar with. Contains GX characters, but not enough plot to warrant a crossover. Rated M for Language and violence only!

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Zero Effect by Hunter XZ reviews What if the Battle Brawlers had another epidode, one who wanted to learn about himself as much as he did the bakugan. His body-filled power makes him a target from a criminal, and the people who can save Jerry belong in a world that shouldn’t be real.

When they decide to hang out in the Fairy Tail guild, will they bring about an interesting new dynamic or unwanted danger? Thank you very much.

The only member of the family who actually acknowledges his existence is his twin sister who has followed him to beacon after being disowned by his father. Doki Doki Literature Club – Rated: The HERO of Pendulum by Nemon reviews After dying in his world, a boy will go to the world of Arc-V with one hope, become the best duelist in the world and protect it from the forces of evil.


State of the Meta by Yung Warrior reviews A self-insert in which a competitive player from finds himself warped into the world of GX.

This is My Story of my trial and tribulations. If they’ve already made a decision about it one way or the other, they haven’t made that information public.

Well, he’s going have to do a lot more animegrt just his friendship and his Dueltainment to make her smile. However, he can do it his way and his way is Houou no Miko – Hajimari no Asa.

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Futures are changed, the Past has been redone, and a Tobenaitori amongst Jians and Birds. A Second Chance at Life by Mezue reviews A boy, who had everything taken away from him because of a rare disease, is offered the chance to reincarnate into any world he desires.

Academy, and the heart of Exeter’s own pilot. Rated T for character’s potty-mouths.

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Join Qing Jungle as she, Yuya and friends try to enter the Miami Championship and meet up with surprises that are out episoee all worlds. Their journey shall not be easy as they face off with Number Hunters, Barians, and Lancers.

Unfortunately, he didn’t really know who she truly was until fate brought them together. Y’know Nothing Jon Snow!