So call your Travel Agent or Pan Am and make arrangements to do business with us. GeaPspf 1J0 2 G. Watson begins this week involves helping to organize a feder- ally supported project to define all of the roughly Wall insisted that ibe insur- KS J? Separately, a report published Wednesday said Texas Air is hold- ing discussions to sell its East Coast air shuttle to tbe developer Donald Trump. Def inin g the genes chemically means learning the correct identity and order of all the DNA subunits that make op all the human genes.

Bui the results at home are far less clear-cut than they may appear. The textbook passage read, in part: Salary range is very competitive and commensurate with experi- ence. S X54 dlBi”‘ irinsh — Sterling Gilt. A spokesman for Maxwell Com- B — O. The dispatch did detonate in Washington with tbe blast of a mine — but the force of the explosion did not blow away the fantasy as Mr.

The new president and unlikely instru- ment of democratic revival is Genoa! New York said the drop in Septem- It was a far better year than ana- her reflected, in part, the distortion lysts had forecast after its inauspi- caused by clearance sales last year, rious beginning in OctoberSales of U. From Wall Street to Main Street, andHold lobbies where teams stayed in cluding both wuli nf Penns ylv ania Av- teemed with gamblers. Tbe spokesman neglected to mention that the meeting was originally set for the end of October.

Oil Prices Fall Again On Glnt Fear Congressional approval of the possible request will be dif- ficult to obtain because the House of Representatives and the Senate hope to adjourn for l, the year next week, to allow If legislators up for re-etectioo in q November to campaign.

No one is sure. Reagan’s personal co mmi tment ensured strategic defense the big boost that any large new idea needs to get a hearing.


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Gorbachev may have sur- vived another round, but he still has not solved his problems. So it proved with the shah The revolution that ended his 38 years of rule delivered his country into the hands of plue Ayatollah Rnhoflah Khomeini, an aged but far from decrepit Islamic funda- mentalist. Locusts eat their weight in northwest across the continent to grain and greenery each day.

The Mets came dose a gain in ihe sixth when Jefferies delivered a two-out single and went to third on a single by Hernandez. About 5, workers marched Tuesday from Rakovica factories to the parliament building in the same protest against low wages and the nation’s economic crisis Then, the workers did not enter the bund- ing, whose entrance at the time was protected by the police.

These collisions generate high-en- ergy electrons and their positively charged twins, positrons. King Mahendra, deposed him in and outlawed political ac- tivity.

Singh’s release and that Iran re- ceived arms, possibly in a deal to free the captive, The Associated mamcni reported from Paris. UPI J Two days later.

Wilhelmindstraat 1 3rd 1 VH Haarlem P. Japanese were innately cruel people.

But recent eipenmentsalso detected the other, unexpected parti– cies. He retired 10 successive bat- ters. Margaret Thatcher flashed into the telegraph office to send off the first congratulations to the new Soviet — president.

To go forward on tbe scale that scientists like Dr.

Some Japanese intellectuals, as well as the neighboring Asian nations that Japan invaded in the war. When computers and satellites came into use. Wouldn’t vou rather choose a pres- ident? As they speed toward earth, these particles hit other atoms, producing more gamma rays that strike more at- oms.

But the link-up is believed to have made the Scandinavian carri- er a mare attractive partner. Rice said he would retire had unsuccessful nwgcr talks with The agreement calls for SAS to merger was completed.


So bras is known in the West, nothing as blatant as the Gorbacbevite methods of the last few days has occurred in Soviet politics since the palace coop that ousted Nikita Khrushchev in Fitzwater said Lhat the “charges are not true plis from top to bottom.

Full text of “International Herald Tribune , , France, English”

But Kohlberg, Kravis is under- stood to have approached Pillsbury last summer, when takeover rumors began circulating. Besides cost and scope, there are other similarities between the genome project and the Ameri can effort that put the first men on the moon in Bentsen to be a major asset for Mr. S mQEou not freeze hs output whSe other bands per day in Angnst and 20 members of the Organization of million in September; the tinrri- Petrolenm Exporting Countries quarter average of The genome project has been a matter of” intense debate ana discussion among sci- entists- Some have applauded the idea.

A spokesman for Mr. But with the fate of Mr. Kenesaw Mountain Landis, with his shock of white hair ova craggy features and his tnail-slol mouth, looked like Integrity Alerted, just as Warren Har- ding, elected inlooked like a presi- dent. Share a d i world Nat Res Ptl. Hu budget even ignored the need tQ fund pay raises for state wrakesf whose contracts are being negotiated. The Great Barrier Reef has be- come a haven far giant dams be- cause they are not widely sought by Australians other for meator for the shells.