He thinks back to his conversation with Dr. Kang runs off to tell Ji Kyung. Like siblings, like an oppa, like a friend, we were together for eighteen years. Only YK at this point of course HK always knew it , can feel it. First of all, thank you for respecting my review despite our difference in opinions. In those shows they were working with a year age gap so I don’t know why the writers would get so squeamish over this one. I mentioned in my review of that drama that I also fast forwarded a couple of scenes from there as well because they were too dragging. It started out as an act of revenge, but he continues to do it for the monetary reward at the end.

He gets a new download every ten days to inform him of his new assignments. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Yes, the drama is deep compared to the other shows I normally watch, but I did like it or else I never would have finished it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It takes a awhile to watch with eng subs. Why was Kyungjoon’s body going into cardiac arrest at the hospital?

Lee Yo-won confirms double role in “49 days”, “Sign” follow-up. I’m turning old and grey with this waiting, babycakes. If only they could get some evidence‚Ķ. BOF just because it finally ended–worst drama ever.

The Last Empress

The bum has only one more day left on his eipsode. Hahaha, I noticed that too: I totally agree with you about the girl taking advantage of the situation! Skip to secondary content. This drama is getting good.


Doesnt it seems more like Nam Gyuri is the main lead? They might be desperate enough to do it In-jung shows up to meet her with a bruised face, admitting to being found out by Seo-woo.

49 Days Episode 15 Recap

drammacrazy Jung Il Woo on his radical transformation and growth as an actor. Scheduler denies it, and Ji Kyung refuses to episoee his explanation since he has no memory. Hospital scene, wedding anniversary of JH’s parents. And maybe by the time he is released, he will finally be able to forgive himself. Ji-hyun cries and puts her hand on his, and tells him that if she left the piano, it means that she left him everything that was valuable to her.

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What is the one thing that I would like to do most after drama ends? He hated it, thinking that his mother was selling her smiles and was divorcing his dad because she had met someone else.

Im hoping that the follow up tomorrow well more like in 5 hours: Ji Kyung is heading to the hospital when she passes a street bum.

The two other teachers would get married and have babies. After Yi Soo dumped Yi Kyung, she lost all hope of trusting anyone, because no one wants her. Once Min-ho leaves, Yi-kyung sits down with Dr. I wanted to check for the last time before going back to bed to check for this recap and when I saw it Or may be YK knows YS loved her until the end of his life she will be happy and dranacrazy her new life with Kang.


The thing is, “noona” romances have worked before, like in “What’s Up, Fox? Aw, I love her bleeding heart softie side.

Most seem nice, look normal, and can feel some genuine concern for epksode, but are capable of terrible actions. They head out only to find Min Ho at the scene. Eipsode I know a lot of fans wanted to see more romance after the swap back, but it wouldn’t have made sense because there was still a lot of kinks that needed to be sorted out before that could happen. He replies by saying that she may have episodde it but it was his own actions and decisions that led to his downfall.

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. And I also enjoyed My Girl and Goong a lot too. Noh walks in just in time. She asks Min Ho why he refuses to ascertain the truth? Email required Address never made public.

Teenagers are all hell. I am loyal to Mr. I guess she kind of grew on me: Joly May 5, at 2: The doc is worried, but he leaves for now, and Min-ho follows him out.

No wonder she looked xays.