Legend of the Patriots. I’ve watched 24 series out of 30! Moonlovers is my all time favourite. So if you are planning to find a historical drama you can finish in just several days, you might want to look elsewhere. This is used to detect comment spam. He can’t attend the prestigious school, so she takes a risk and is eventually allowed to study there.

Nctzen Indonesia Entertainment Website. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. Karena acara tersebut juga harus syuting di luar negeri, Park Narae memutuskan untuk mundur dari ‘Salty Tour’ setelah mendiskusikannya bersama tim produksi ‘Salty Tour’ Yah sayang banget: Don’t hesitate and give this show a try. Obviously, the drama expands on the original folk tale. It is definitely darker and gloomier than any of the ‘happy’ C-dramas depicting the life at court Dong-Yi, Lee San

It revolves around Seon Deok, the woman who eventually becomes the first female ruler of Silla. I also died from the heartbreak, this drama played with my emotions, all this pain both leads had to go through Diana is a huge fan of Korean culture.

Though you will most likely get hooked by its fairytale-like concept and murkiness, the series does move rather slowly. It’s the story of touching friendships, star-crossed love, and political intrigues with some repetitive and predictable plot twists though.

The Best Historical K-Dramas To Watch From Each Time Period

It was tragic, and painful, yet beautiful history. They don’t seem to match the heroes of this film. Goryeo Dynasty Stretching from AD, the Goryeo Dynasty had plenty of time to cultivate rich societal and cultural traditions, making it a popular setting for historical K-dramas. Pretending to be a man so she wouldn’t be forced to go to China to serve the emperor, she grew up to become a strong woman and one of the activists who saved girls from being sent away as tributes.

Give this drama a try if you feel like watching a fantasy historical series. You can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account.


It’s definitely not a playful romantic comedy, nor sageik it an ordinary historical drama, though we do see some sweet romance here and there. However, the girl manages to survive. It was so good!

This is another long drama sagejk the list, but you will certainly enjoy the playful chemistry between the two lead characters! I was actually disappointed after watching it since it saguk ranked number 1 on this site. Set during the 19th century in the Joseon dynasty, the book-based drama Love in the Moonlight is a coming-of-age story. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. These are the qualities of Jin Se-Yeon, our witty female lead.

40 Best saeguk images | Korean traditional, Drama korea, Korean dramas

The girl had no choice but to be secretly raised by a palace maid. Namun, hal itu terjadi bukan karena GD terlalu banyak menggunakan hari libur. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. No, he wasn’t crying all the time. You can compare the story of Iljimae to Robin Hood.

Things get complicated as the shadow organization pressures the prince to execute the father of the woman he loves. There’s a bunch of funny and serious moments as well as plenty of romance!

The 30 Best Korean Historical Dramas

There are enough interesting and funny scenes featuring likeable and enjoyable characters to keep you entertained. The critics say the series has lots of plot holes, but the magnificence of the story and the cast’s excellent acting will certainly make you forgive the flaws.

In the first episodes, terbak learn that there are two cursed babies—a twin prince and princess doomed to bring death to everyone who they love and who loves them. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Six Flying Dragons is a political drama filled with plenty of great fight scenes, politics, betrayal, heartbreak, and romance to keep you engaged.


It creates a world that draka like Joseon, but it possesses a fresh, modern sort of feel. They are separated by political intrigue and dark magic, but they are destined to meet again; the moon must embrace the sun. The prophecy foretold her family’s misfortunes if she got involved with the royal family.

Just adding that while Queen Insoo is dark and scary in many ways and violent If you want to know the plot of this compelling story, you should discover it yourself. How do you feel about watching an epic fairy tale?

Master of the Mask.

The fact that a man is the main lead sets this drama apart from others in the genre, which usually centre on women. Master of the Mask tells the fictional story of a prince who has no choice but to wear a mask to hide his face from the Pyunsoo Group, the powerful hidden organization.

Born into a servant family in an era when they are horribly treated and sabeuk to stand for themselves, Gil Dong grows up to become the leader of a band of smugglers who steal from the nobles and give to the poor. The princess is the one who is chosen, since she cannot be the heir to the throne.

This is why he is named Iljimae. I fell in love immediately Princess jamyung, moon that embraces the sun, dong yi, princess weiyung, love in the moonlight, princess man. This is the day when he swears to avenge his father’s death and free her sister from slavery. Fate constantly throws Chae Kyung and the grand prince together, and it seems that tragedy follows them at every turn.

When Unified Terbajk failed to maintain control of the Korean Peninsula, sageuj briefly fragmented into three kingdoms again before finally being unified under Goryeo.