We wanted to evoke the feeling of the scale of the problem and the size of these projects through tall rectangular shapes and emphasize personal stories through squares which served as windows into the lives of the residents. CTH Akkadische Fragmente. II Akkadisch und hethitisch. First, he was shooting in color at a time that most photographers were shooting in black and white, and thought he was an amateur, he had an incredible instinct for making great pictures. The polder described by Kalcyk is indicated in transparent white in illus. It would really project my power and authority! For example, in Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt , the video at the beginning of each chapter in the story contains the emotional heart of the story. If the sound and image are not complementary, users become confused and distracted from the story.

Monthly contribution of the Cephissos River in cubic hectometers. Pausanias describes this a bit differently: As a template, it is agnostic about the form or presentation of a story. Assumptions are challenged through both qualitative methods like usability tests and quantitative analysis of our web analytics. To say nothing of my status! CTH Fragmente der Ersatzrituale. In all the work that we do, we strive to think empathetically about users who are trying to discover, understand and respond to the stories we tell.

The engine that drove kingdom formation was competitive interaction among multiple elite actors. A showing of the film and a round table discussion will occur from pm on April 9 at the Gorecki Alumni Center on the beautiful campus of the University of North Dakota. The Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt interface suggests an optimal path for navigating through the fiom as well as primary and contextual navigation to give users control over how they filj to experience the story.

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Towards a Logic of Historical Thought. Maran expresses dee this way: What do you think? It is only through a continual process of research, testing and fpuch that we can hope to better serve our users needs and craft meaningful experiences. In doing so, we were able to more precisely control the presence of the ambient audio and strengthen the relationship between the picture and sound.


Soon people who were involved with the excavation begin dying mysteriously.

There are other DH units out there that explicitly combine project, service, and research models. CTH Invokationen der hattischen Gottheiten: Trivia Gina Lollobrigida was originally announced for a role.

CTH Hattische Fragmente.

The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb (TV Movie ) – IMDb

No Longer Lost in the Wilderness: Several principal tributaries contribute to its flow. This Is Color is a responsively designed sequential visual story that presents users with a fun and surprising collection of facts about colors. In the end, the begin button proved to be the most effective way to enter this story. Mycenae – the Indefensible. Consequently, users are left trying to reconcile the sound of ambience with whatever they happen to be looking at at the time they notice it.

His story and his photography were amazing, and we knew there was an opportunity to do something different with his story. CTH nicht vergeben. In lieu of treating photography as a subordinate element of the page, as you would expect in text-focused layout, our goal with photo buildouts is to make photography the focal point of the layout without sacrificing the intuitive and fluid experience of scrolling through a web page.

Lady Evelyn Herbert Tom Baker The stories we are telling are telling rely upon integrating multiple file types and formats that work in concert to deliver a story as a web-native experience. CTH Luwische mythologische Fragmente. Unlike a film or a piece of audio that are both artifacts, the picture stories we publish online have the unique ability to grow and evolve over time. CTH 60 nicht vergeben.


For example, with sequential visual stories like the one we published about homeless veteranswe wondered if it would be more intuitive to place the button on strema right side of the page with a right caret to indicate linear movement through an experience that was not scroll-based. CTH Liste von Ortschaften.

Electra Atlantis: Digital Approaches to Antiquity

A Curators’ Eye-View’ will review how this major exhibition was put tutanchamn, looking at In doing so, we observed that users were having a hard time finding the entry point to the experience.

For example, in Planet Money Fim A T-Shirtthe video at the beginning of each chapter in the story contains the emotional heart of the story. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: But it was poorly defended because the city was almost entirely deserted.

CTH 36 nicht vergeben.

Placing a man every ten feet 3 m. CTH Ritual der Zuwi: I put both of these ideas into action to show what’s visible from the yard radius and what’s visible from the yard radius.

After 6 hard years of work in the Valley of the Kings an archeologist by the name of “Howard Carter” Robin Ellis finally finds what he believes is the burial place of King Tutankhamun.

The moral of this story is that, given that Zara can be taken. CTH Hattischer Wechselgesang. I Zehnjahresannalen CTH Did you get grant money?

Any new hosts making a splash? Consider YouTube, Netflix or Spotify. I have long supposed that these simple facts of terrain do much to explain the differential fates of the great Mycenaean centers at the end of LH IIIB.