Jeremy, unable to sleep, chats with Aelita about human life, but both of them hear noises: Jeremie is working on the materialization program, and Odd accidentally finds it, but it can be used only one time. Odd dominates his adversaries but loses a lot of life points in defending Aelita from the lasers. It turns out the same is true of Odd and the devirtualization program as he has accidentally solved the problem. And try to be practical for once. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

No need to look any further, guys. I just got here from a virtual reality! Cruel Dilemma 26 Apr And I personally am delighted, since my duty is to provide you with the finest working conditions possible, and in all areas. Aelita , bulldozer , candy , devirtualization , digital sea , factory , premonition , Return to the Past , Xana , Yumi. Search for ” Cruel Dilemma ” on Amazon. Episodes CL universe All Order: It has exciting action without glaring plot holes, it makes good use of its characters and the situations they find themselves in and does a really good job of giving us new details about their world and its good and bad aspects.

Odd and Yumi go into Lyoko where she falls into a virtual black hole.

There are months of work in there! Jeremie wants to materialize Aelita, but realizes that preparations need to be made.


He has another one of those premonitions, like from the very dilemmz episode. Despite its many similarities to a video game, Lyoko does not pause for the cutscene, which warns Odd that Yumi is about to fall into the digital sea, and thus he is devirtualized. You just have to set it back up again.

The principal has decided to renovate the gym with ultramodern sports equipment and facilities. Jeremie wants to materialize Aelita, but realizes that preparations need Jeremy looking at the screen: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Jeremie is working on the materialization program, and accidentally Odd finds it, but it can be used only one time.

In crule to save Yumi’s life, Jeremie has to choose between either materializing her or Aelita. Those keys are incredibly sensitive! Come on, Yumi, get up! Technically these are front end loaders, but who am I to argue with the Code Lyoko translation staff? This site uses cookies.

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“Code Lyoko” Cruel Dilemma (TV Episode ) – IMDb

At first it may seem confusing to target the factory where his computer lives, but you have to consider that the factory is what gives Team Lyoko access to his world. Code Lyoko — Episode 6: Hey, what dilsmma you doing with that? Odd Della Robbia, Nicolas Poliakoff. Here’s a nice little touch I really liked; they added some debris to the stock footage in the factory, since it’s being bulldozed and all.


Candy can fix anything!

Do you realise what time it is? Search for ” Cruel Dilemma ” on Amazon. He was, besides being a satirical writer, professor of rhetoric.

Watch our trailer of trailers. According to him, the materialisation program to bring the young humanoid to Earth has never been closer to completion.

Cruel Dilemma

Add the first question. You are commenting using your WordPress. Ulrich on a bulldozer: In the parallel world, the battle lyooko already begun, against the Kankrelats. The former accepts her place, deciding to wait on Lyoko while her friend finds a way to remake the program. Hey Jeremy, want some candy?

I mean without his earplugs. Come on, Jeremy, you know that virtual beings never sleep! Aelita seeks refuge in a tower.