One person wrote that the majority of the weight of the assembled grill was in the grill plates which mean the grill is constructed of lightweight and inferior metal. I couldn’t believe it! Living in South Florida, we get to grill very often, year round. Biggest piece of junk! I took it off but couldn’t blow through it now. I have been in love with my wife as long as I’ve had my Brinkmann. Shame on Home Depot for selling such absolute crap! This year the handle fell off.

I called on October 7 and left my call back number. The next time I used it, the knobs worked okay to ignite the grill. The spot welds failed. My husband used a Dremel to cut the cross channels off, referencing user tips from customers with the exact same Brinkmann grill issue online, because the screws were completely rusted and could not be unscrewed or even drilled out. Hundreds of complaints online about these grills. June 18, I’ve read all of the negative reviews of Brinkmann and felt that I should weigh in with a positive experience. There is a reason Brinkmann is in chapter 11 high price, low quality.

Contacted Brinkmann via their email address immediately eeview today is March 9th and absolutely no response. I was told to email a warranty form and copy of original receipt. The third day I called, left a message and a man named “Dan” or “David” from Customer Service called me back – and how rude! They do not stand behind their product.

Brinkmann ProSeries 8300 58 500 BTU 4-burner Gas Grill With Side Burner

Stay away from this company. He was surly and rude and I fired back at him that he could stick his Brinkmann. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.


Insides have seen better days but we just want to finish this season, give it a proper burial and buy another 88300.

My problem is that I only get full flame across the tubes if regulators are set to low. The box came about 2 weeks later yes 2 weeksand opening the box I saw that the parts were just randomly thrown together. I can no longer use this grill and don’t see why I should replace the parts since they will meet the same fate. April 16, We purchased seires 5-burner grill with single side burner approximately 2 years ago I ;ro out the Warranty Form requesting a thermostat, grills and a wheel.

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Tried every suggestion in trouble shooting. You could not give me another one of these grills.

Brinkmann Pro Series w Gas Grill 3 Heat Plate Burners Cooking Grid | eBay

So, after uncovering the grill today, I decided I needed to do something. Walked to my picnic table 10 paces away. We use intelligent software that helps us brinkjann the integrity of reviews. Opening the box I noticed the thermostat was stuck on degrees – the temp outside was around If this is how they make grills I will never buy a Brinkmann. Shame on Home Depot for selling such absolute crap! Hundreds of complaints online about these grills. I also filed out the Contact Us form on the website.

Brinkmann Pro Series 8300 810-8300-w Gas Grill 3 Heat Plate Burners Cooking Grid

Not what you have on the floor. What I do know is that this should not be a problem. Guess seriees I just found out!! Winter, Spring, or Sprinter as we call it in Nevada. I purchased a stainless steel Brinkmann 5 burner griol grill, model S from Home Depot in March My grill is destroyed, and even if it wasn’t destroyed I would not trust using this grill or any other Brinkmann product ever again.


Never told her the exact model I was looking at.

Brinkmann w Pro Series Gas Grill Replacement Burner&heat Plate | eBay

Happened to be the starter burner but nothing else. We purchased a Brinkmann Grill two years on Memorial Day. How long should a “stainless steel” bbq last? Turns out 7 years. I then called Home Depot and complained heavily to their management. I touched the last remaining channel and it fell straight off without any resistance.

I’ve never heard of a grill only lasting less than 2 years. The next time I used it, the knobs worked okay to ignite the grill.

Used one summer and then covered for winter. In the beginning we covered the grill revidw the winter, then we had a BIG storm and the cover blew away.

Too little, too late!

I will never buy a Brinkmann grill again. July 11, I can tell you how disappointed I am that a reputable company like Home Depot keeps this product on their floor. One hole in the ash box is egg gril. When I opened the top flames now started shooting up feet in the air. I did so, and was sent replacement parts.

Took grill plates off and found these small metal channels sitting at the bottom of the grill pan. Back to Home Depot I obviously in addition to many others got a “lemon”.