Each solution is a number that the players need to enter using their keypads. Herself 1 episode, Rachel Crow Contestant 1 episode, Zachary Conneen On the season 1 and 2 celebrity episodes, the Nick stars played and the winner played to win prizes and the sliming for a lucky audience member. If a female contestant won, female audience members received a purple BrainSurge T-shirt. Also, on Family BrainSurge , the episode’s winning team also got a donation made by the show’s staff in their name to one of Nickelodeon’s “Big Help” partner organizations.

Contestant 1 episode, Madison Curtis Best Nickelodeon Shows in Order. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Herself 1 episode, Zachary Montana Legends of Awesomeness —16 Mia and Me —16 Fred: Newbill 1 episode, David Landreth Contestant 1 episode, Artur Ryabets Hollywood Center Studios Hollywood, California.

Meaty —09 Wonder Pets! Related players wore the same color shirt.

BrainSurge: “Episode 201: Marley’s Memory”

Contestant 1 episode, Dharbi Jens Best Nickelodeon Shows in Order. At this point, the losing contestant’s braknsurge does the same thing as if a question is wrong.

Cartoons — You’re On! Herself 1 episode, Reese Hartwig Contestant 1 episode, Zachary Conneen Contestant 1 episode, Ava Allan Creative Executive 41 episodes, Shawn Kennedy Contestant 1 episode, Summer Rose Ly Views Read Brainaurge View history.


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If a male contestant won, male audience members received a green BrainSurge T-shirt. Contestant 1 episode Cheyenne Haynes Retrieved from ” https: Contestants see each path twice; the clock starts running when the contestant first activates a square.

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Losing the bonus round meant that the celebrity had to go down bransurge Brain Drain in season 1, the audience member also went down the brain drain with the celebrity. Hurwitz Aaron Solomon co-executive producer Noah Bonnett co-executive producer; seasons 2—3.

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Contestant – self 1 brainsirge, Summer Eguchi Himself 1 episode, Likewise if the player won the final round, the co-host would get slimed with the player. Himself – Contestant 1 episode, Emily Cintron Herself 2 episodes, The third season ran until November 17,when the show was canceled.

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Herself 1 episode, Annie Molnar Herself 1 episode, Patrick Casa Himself 1 episode, Justin S. After completing a path successfully, the contestant must step on an actuator outside the board to stop the clock. One week during season 2 featured Jeff hosting with a celebrity co-host by brainsuurge side.


Contestants are told immediately when they make a mistake; they must return to the start and view the pattern again before being allowed to continue; when viewing the pattern after a mistake, the clock continues to run. Contestant 1 episode, Herself 2 episofe, James Barton Contestant 1 episode, Jordin Sparks Contestant – self 1 episode, The season 2 Nick epksode episodes featured the stars representing their show in teams either 3 teams of 2, or 2 teams of 3even though each player wore a different color.