It might be easier now, but that is sill an impressive score you got there! Same strategy , in front of tower near shell to fall left and push right on structures. Great Score Lark Bunting!! I finally got three stars! I cannot get a high enough score this way but it must lead to some better outcome. In my case it flew over the right structure and hit the TNT. I managed to clear this level with the first red bird.

I finally got three stars! Usually the TNT will hit the underside of the rock and explode too early to damage the floating pigs. I wondered if there were another strat to get over There seems to be a small sweet spot to the right of the seashell and it just takes perserverance and a little luck to drop the egg bomb on that exact spot. As a landmark, drop the bomb over the starfish, not directly over it, but a smidge to the right, but still on in. Got enough lift when he popped out of the water that he clipped the board with the TNT …….. But I was not able to get much above k.

I like the level in that every time I had to restart, I at least had the satisfaction of watching the helmeted pig die. Another level with TNT on steroids? It is a fiendish tnree that usually requires numerous attempts.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level 1-1 Walkthrough

Well done, as always! Obtained the one bird solution as in e-star video. This has been an extremely excruciating level for me. After that, the pillar landed on seawons and scored 3, Thank you AB community. Yeah, this one was treacherous to my psyche. One strategy for Piglantis level is to send the Red bird underwater to cut the rope holding the boulder.

If you cut the rope right above the bolder, you always break the vase, giving you the points. Yes… Thank you, I saw that already, but my screen where the number one is on the guide is a question mark, this is why iam piflantis please advise….

I am going to try to emulate virds style in my 2nd shot description. Flew red bird to break both strings, then used yellow bird to hit red bird it was actually an accident and caused the bird to fly towards the TNT on top, toppling the structure without hitting the other TNT and killing all pigs.


Any idea what might be happening? Just got a top score, sending red right to exactly where the rope meets the cave, taking all the rope away, sent yellow at smaller angle powering close to cave at angle to cut ropes for first tnt and strong hit through far structure into final tnt.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

By the way, the highscore on this level seems a bit high. Used the yellow bird to push all to the right and managed to get all pillars and the chest to go poof. For example, levels and It seems like a 5, pt.

Finally gotand still below average. The best shot is to hit the slanted wall just over the rope. Ignore my reply above. Bird 1 aim just over first roof of closest building but so it goes under roof of second building. Would someone please be so kind and tell me the location of these two golden eggs?

Got it first shot with only a white bird between the two back structures.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level 1-12 Walkthrough

I just stopped playing. You may have more response here: I just downloaded seasons and was wondering how to find walkthroughs from the very beginning? I managed to clear this level with the first red bird.

I hope you guys could help with this little problem i have.

My highest rank ever. Maybe hitting the TNT on the far right first with the piglantiis yellow bird may have better luck in clearing the level and cracking the safe at the same time with the pillar falling on it with no interference and full force from the right….

Guess I thought it was a fish! If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates.

Then the red bird cuts both top and bottom rope and also breaks the coral by the treasure chest. Also arced the Piglantiw Bird into the sea shell gap and did damage to the right structure but the forces generated were not great enough to cause the left to fall enough to activate the tnt on the right.


For this to yield enough points the right side needs to collapse too, breaking the treasure chest and the pigs floating in the water below.

Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs Walkthroughs | AngryBirdsNest

Now I just need the other 65 or 70, pts. Total luck, as I have played this level many times and failed to get the 3 star score! If not, what and where are the vases? There is no point advantage getting it with the first bird. I tried the video method with no joy dozens of times and was at k then accidentally did this method causing a cascade in both directions and got it in one bird. Please, please post an alternate high-score strategy. For me its chief value is….

Still a ways below average. I assume also that you subscribed to this walkthrough for just that purpose of not seeing your score removedwhich also makes me believe your score. Seems I was incredibly lucky getting this score — the closest I can come to it tonight so far is only about k. As a landmark, drop the bomb over the starfish, not directly over it, but a smidge to the right, but still on in. Tried same many times one finally went through structure, sweetp here is the link to the picture https: I was shocked and amazed and it made my day.

Sheer luck, but it feels really good. Below is a list of all the Golden Eggs that are currently available in Angry Birds Seasons special thanks to AMslimfordy for compiling this list. If on the mark it will be aiming just slightly to the right of the TNT. It might be easier now, but that is sill an impressive score you got there!

Was in the top or so overall back in the day….

I wondered if there were another strat to get over