When he fell for RO, at last he had some rreason to live. Team Leader returns the sweater to Hye Joo. Nam Ji Hyun Main Cast. She’s a commoner so the best she could ever be in that era would be a concubine. The little princess–so determined to get what her big brother needed and expressing this almost entirely without saying a word. Who is he, and how is he connected to her death?

Best cameo reference ever. Cast – Angel Eyes. Now, that’s what i call an ideal ending Plus, he must be tired of his clan’s misdeeds. Thanks for the recap! If ever they do, I am sure they’d be mobbed like the fansign yesterday. Awww, thanks for the shout out maryxiah! I used to watch at dramacool now.

In fact, I was glad that they managed to perhaps a bit too conveniently, lol find a way to release her from her Crown Princess title because really, who wants to be stuck in a love-less marriage for the rest of one’s life?

Finally, Soo Wan gets her sight back. Or any man that would value you for who you are. But one of the huge draws of watching sageuks is understanding the broad strokes of history and knowing that there are certain constraints we have to work dramaffire as we watch the show, it becomes a source of enjoyable angst to worry about how a show will manage to pull out a satisfactory solution when we already know the punchline.

And I don’t think this is the ending the team want to show as the finale, I believe the finale was intended as it is, since the team rejected the extension. True, I have been excited about Mondays for the longest time whilst this drama was on eyyes Emergency Couple episode 13 Dramafire.


Angel Eyes Episode 18 – 엔젤 아이즈 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Yoonsung-ah, you have painted a happy and beautiful painting TT. He spits up a mouthful of blood. Hye Joo visits Soo Wan and is sad at epiaode return to blindness.

Angel Eyes Episode 18 Recap

Park Jong Hyuk works as an assistant manger at a construction company. Soo Wan, responsibilities always follow a decision.

As it is, she is now free to make her life however she wants it to be, and to find a more fulfilling and loving relationship in the future. Yess, i really like the ending as well. The queen warns the eunuch to do a proper job of it this time as in, disposing of the child. Sign in Already have an account? Ha-yeon’s role was pretty clear to me, she came from a family that the king needed to strengthen Yeong’s political power and she knowing that Yeong had someone else in his heart still wanted to be by his side because she also knew that he needed epixode support, she chose to step back when she realized that spisode no longer needed that, so she was no longer entitled to fulfill that role, rather that being stuck in marriage with a one-sided love and heartaches she chose to be free herself, she made a decision!

What I’m trying to say is, I kind of expected worse in how the loose ends will be tied. I totally agree with you Anh. My mind is blown!

And ep 18 delivers heart-stopping scenes. And my apology for always writing up long comment, and taking up huge space! Jamie Opso October 19, at 1: He remembered the time when he asked Eun Gi if he’s really a bad man what would she do.


Every time I watched a new episode of Moonlight, I found myself wondering, epusode would the other beanies think of this scene?

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Dong Joo is at his wits end, he cannot get Soo Wan to budge from her shell of misery. Thank you Javabeans and fellow Beanies for being such lovely viewing companions! Ji-woon sees Young-ji meeting with the superintendent and asks what she’s planning. Ra-on registers the threat, but they grab her before she can do anything. At the police station, we see that Dong-Joo is being lead to a back room where he can see Ji-Woon and Min-Soon talking at the next room.

The only thing we are short of might be an extra of minutes or more or more episodes for more sweet scenes for our heros and more scenes that explain human sides of other characters as well all lives are “heavy” as each other” in different ways. And Ra-On bravely and secretly helping her.

Angel Eyes – Spring

Inspiring Generation episode 17 Dramafire. I find great strength and comfort watching this great show with you folks here in Dramabeans. It has as close to perfect drama and its ending as I can dream of. He never wanted it.

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