They see it and the presence is at a park where Mai is currently! Yes Bridge, you ask long drawn out questions, even 12 years ago. The rangers go to try and lure out the White Ranger, which they do, and the motw shows up. They retreat, but show up again and they defeat it. Last edited by TimeCrimson; January 18th, at The monster shows up again, and they actually end up defeating it, but it grows. But the bell rings and Conner rushes everyone to class, and the bully tells Ethan to fight him after school.

We see that Cassidy and Devin took a video, but Cassidy gives the video to them, because she realizes how much of good friends they are, and has feelings for Devin now. Dezmuzoryla fuses Michaela and Voff together to make a new lifeform for him to take on. Lije, as thanks, takes AbareKiller to Another Earth. Rampaging Brides are Cute! That bike and jeep though. I agree with Doggie, there is no team there. Sky going all Steven Seagal on this alien damn.

Sorry I couldn’t post during the Aba watch; not seeing it until next year. And Lijewel is an interesting villain, one who goes along with Mikito but is just as dangerous herself. He tells Lije wbaranger has to come back with him, Lije refuses, so he tries to use power to do it.

It was a fantastic arc. Favorite so far is Umeko. Jack can go through walls? These last few episodes have been crappy for GaoSilver he barely’s done anything, I mean he was important in this episode but not much lately. Figuarts Hell Bros Gallery.


What are you watching (Sentai edition)

Ban finally shows up, and gets a grand entrance, and beats up the villains easily. Nah, but seriously, it’s a nice little Easter Egg, even if it leads nowhere, or even if it leads directly to a Japanese show found while surfing through hundreds wbaranger channels at odd hours. You do the Crime, you pay the time!

Add Ataruman to Your Ignore List. I still do love DT to this day, and this watch didn’t change the fact.

Dezmuzoryla possesses Mahoro, as Asuka gets her daughter, and they retreat. The rangers morph and kick ass! I also liked that they were cocky and got their butts kicked so they learned they have to be less reckless and have to get stronger against these new Orgs. The Rampaging Apostle Queen! I swear I’ve seen him before.

Darkageis New Member Join Date: Leader of the Whack Summary: Kaoru Shiba would be happy. Asuka, Ranru and Mahoro are trying to escape, but Ryouga drills a hole in the side of the thing to pull them out. After school, Kira agrees to help Tommy sort out the base.

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We then see Mercer in the Villain Base sweating trying to battle Mesagog from abarnger, but we see him morph into Mesagog. I see we’re finally getting more on the mystery of Fuutaro which is good.

Tommy goes in there to save Elsa and fight Smitty. We see our Red for this season, Banban Akaza, already morphed chasing abaranged alien in his Patstriker.


Oh crap the B Squad rangers show up! Ever since she had been avaranger by the Dino Brace, she and Suke have been wanting to help, but could only provide support and kindness, but when her parents try to move her, she really truly tells them what she feels and her important abarangrr and role to help the protectors of the Earth. Sun Vulcan is done. A very familiar-looking bald actor, I believe so. The thing is, with the Abaranger villains, they aren’t terribly weak.

The Abarangers try to fight Dezmolijewel, but get their butts kicked. The Abarangers epizode in contact with him and while Ryouga and Yukito try to hold him back, Ranru plays the Dino Harp to try and calm him.

But obviously Cassidy and Devin show up, and literally try and interview the rangers during their fight. But I’ll be around when you watch Deka.

Syd as Red Ranger? The strong theme of fighting for the ones you love and going strong is one motivation that many people use every single day to keep persisting in their lives, and this episode showed it.