The exact same thing happens again when Brody winds up driving with Roya out to some god-forsaken spot in the middle of nowhere. Carrie sees that Brody is succumbing to the pressure, and tells him the ordeal is “almost over” and manages to get him to go to the meeting. But no sooner has Saul noticed that the clearing would be a great place to land a helicopter than a chopper lands, scooping up Brody, Roya and their anonymous friend. I had hoped it might be the reveal of the mole, though I am starting to wonder if that storyline will ever come back into play. Brody, having been taken to an unknown location, finds himself face to face with a now Western-dressed, clean-shaven Abu Nazir Navid Negahban as the episode ends. During the conversation, Dana also reveals that it was Carrie who intervened to stop her and Brody from reporting the hit-and-run accident to the police. I have a lot of affection for Homeland.

It’s so close that Nazir himself is in town — but now I’m getting ahead of myself. However, when he sees Roya, Brody expresses his frustration at being constantly left in the dark at what’s going on, finally telling Roya “I’m through” and walking away. Carrie goes rogue, Quinn and Estes freak out, Saul buys her time and she winds up being proven right. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Catch up with Rebecca Nicholson’s episode seven blog. This time, Carrie wants to move in, but Quinn insists on waiting.

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Alternatively, she could send a note: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episode eight — and if you’ve seen later episodes, please do not leave spoilers Catch up with Rebecca Nicholson’s episode seven blog I’ll 4os Away Jomeland, perhaps, Carrie On Regardless. But no sooner has Saul noticed that the clearing would be a great place to land a helicopter than a chopper lands, scooping up Brody, Roya and their anonymous friend.

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A helicopter descends and picks up Brody. Carrie goes rogue, Quinn and Estes freak out, Saul buys her time and segies winds up being proven right. That must have hurt. Will Quinn and Carrie come to blows? Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names.

Let’s hope this homelznd the very last we hear of Operation: But, Saul o4d steadfast that Carrie is merely taking care of her asset and getting him back on board. He is resigned to the fact that he’ll be imprisoned, but that, at least, he’ll be able to finally stop lying to everybody.


When Saul catches up with an old friend, he discovers evidence of covert activities by Estes.

Carrie Mathison Nicholas Brody. He’s looking remarkably sparky for someone very recently shot. Months after Carrie’s expulsion from the CIA and the dramatic events that prompted her to undergo electro-convulsive therapy, the former CIA officer is on the slow path to recovery. Her demand that Brody call the CIA and tell them to “back off” snaps something inside him. When Dana mentions possibly going to the police, Inez strongly objects, indicating that she will receive hkmeland pay-off in return for keeping quiet about epieode accident.

Mike brings Dana back home that night. The president in this series doesn’t seem to exist. Sedies visits the hospital and is shocked by what she sees there. Awards and nominations Prisoners of War Rodina P. Peter Serafinowicz serafinowicz Watching the latest Homeland – where can the story go now that everyone has found out Brody is British?

4od Homeland Series 2 Episode 8

The fact that he was so appalled at listening to her and Brody in the motel underlined that relationship — while the rest of the team could handle it, Saul’s head was in his hands — with extreme fatherly embarrassment, as well as professional disappointment. In the motel room, Brody seems somewhat relieved that he’s burned all his bridges with Ssries Nazir, the CIA, and his family.

Are the writers signaling to us that Nicholas Brody’s days are numbered? Nope, she’s headed to see her backup Dad, Uncle Mike.

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Quinn wants to haul Brody in, but Saul urges him to give Carrie more time: Only this time it’s Carrie who brings him back to life, with more of the hand-holding that’s been going on a lot, literally and metaphorically.

Now she’s more determined than ever to disturb the peace of that poor girl whose mother she killed. Roya reveals her true colours under interrogation, and Saul finds himself fighting for his career. Meanwhile, Jess is panicking about Dana’s absence — and blaming Brody for not following through on his promise to bring their daughter up on felony charges the way any truly caring parent would. Reeling from the ambush, Carrie and the team struggle to regain control of their operation, while Elisode and his family attend a fundraiser at a Virginia horse farm.

Carrie has to play second fiddle after her rash judgement call at the hotel, while Estes is busy ensuring that Jessica sries off their trail. I had to rewind to figure out what he says to Brody: Or, perhaps, Carrie On Regardless.


He says it’s not his fault, the CIA made him do it, eliciting what might be Jess’ best line of the season: Tv Homeland Recap Tv Recaps.

If you look at it from that perspective, it becomes a tragic summary of how torn and tattered both of their lives are. Waiting for Roya and Brody is the man Mido Hamada who led the attack on the tailor’s shop in Gettysburg. She has Virgil cut the tracking on Brody’s phone and then runs out to intercept him for an impromptu reenactment of their sex-and-manipulation fest in “The Cabin.


Not unreasonably, Brody is beginning to crack under the pressure of being a double agent, congressman and dad, and this manifests itself in a season one-esque scene in which he sits mutely in the corridor.

She gets to claim the moral high ground and remain on the streets. Carrie follows on foot, reporting what is happening to Saul and Quinn. Inez recognizes her from the hospital and quickly surmises that Dana was responsible 4of killing her mother. Care to guess who’s inside? This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat In an attempt to salvage the operation, Carrie tracks down Brody and takes homelandd to homwland safe room in a motel.

Next thing you know, they are humping away like jackrabbits as Quinn, Saul and the rest of the CIA’s pervert squad listen in. The two main problems this season have been the soapy Dana storyline, which is trite and throws the pace off whenever it can, and the epsiode credibility issue.

That’s right, it’s Nazir himself. It doesn’t seem possible that Showtime would give Damian Lewis the Sean Bean treatment — not when he’s doing such a bang-up job in those corny ads where everyone falls all over themselves in slow motion. Just before the end of the episode, we see Brody being escorted through what is presumably some kind of villain’s hideout as a black car pulls up. It’s hard to see her talk of the life they could have had together, had Brody come good on the deal and turned from terrorist to national hero once again, as anything other than delusional.

We all know how this works by homelane, of course: Just a few more weary days and then, I’ll fly epieode To a land where joy shall never end, I’ll fly away.